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Hello everyone, thanks for visiting this guide, I'm also congratulate you for becoming 71 or near. This guide is for people want to know more about purple war, nowadays purple war is getting VERY popular until it can be FULLY RECRUITED 60 member within 30 seconds, so don't be late for this!! Don't say I didn't warn you .


Current Time Of Purple War and Durations,

  • 1.30PM, 7.30PM, 1.00AM, 7.59AM (GMT+8). (Singapore, M'sia Timing)
  • 05:30AM, 11:30AM, 5:00PM, 11:59PM (GMT)

You may also talk to General Staff inside the Goldburg Command HQ (11:55) by choosing the 1st option for timing.


Requirements to join Purple War

  • The NPC Colonel Thomas(33:56) will be recruiting You
  • You must be level 71 and above, no matter what class you are.
  • Max recruitment 60 members.


Location of Purple War

  • GoldBurg(77:292), go in and turn right.
  • You will see Colonel Thomas(33:56). Click on him to join the purple war.
  • Tip: turn on invisible mode for less lag when you're trying to join or inside recruiting room or in battlefield


Party Forming Suggestion

  • If party have 2 beast lords, make sure ur able to kill them fast before wood devil moves or else high chance dead (due to 456).
  • No beast lord doesn't mean no good, just slower but safer. Get an architech of light with praying shield.
  • Refer to class creature attraction guide to strategise your party members.

Rules/Suggestion For Holding Purple War

  • There will be 3 lanes/side. Left, mid and right.
  • Left wind General Cecillia will be captured if the 6th mobs went in.
  • Right wind General Spin will be captured if 6th mobs went in.
  • Mid Base Martial Basaru will be captured if 10th mobs went in.
  • Mobs spawns every 5 mins.
  • Please do not always stay on top, after the 1st min has past by in the 5 mins.
  • 2nd, 3rd min in the 5 mins range, mobs will be around middle or near bottom.
  • starting from the most corner left or right top at the start of the spawn and moving diagonal down to middle will allows you to spot every monsters in the area and not miss any. Repeat the process for every spawn and there will be no leak.
  • If either the left or right wind is captured, they will spawn 4 dark beast each 5 min interval too.
  • If the middle gate is captured, the war ends.

Note:Purple War will not add ur skills exp.

The 4 Important Gates

Left Wind(31,180) General Cecilia

  • Free healing service of character HP and MP as long as it is not captured.
  • Max mobs 6.

Right Wind(86,180) General Spin

  • Free healing service for pets as long as it is not captured.
  • Respawn location for fallen allies when fighting in war. If it is captured, you cannot respawn again.
  • Max mobs 6.

Middle gate(56,180) Martial Basaru.

  • You may exit the war at any time from this npc, forfeiting your points and reputation if you do so.
  • Max mob 10.

Dimensional Fortress Gate(56,xx)

  • This gate is at the top of the map in middle, some groups of people will try break this gate down.
  • To attack, right click it. You will see a message (Start destroying the gate) and a battle sign above your head.
  • To stop right click the door again.
  • Breaking down the gate will open the path to all the bosses in the Fortress.
  • If the gate is left untouched, it will be slowly repaired back to full. The guage at the top shows how much of the gate is being destroyed/repaired.
  • Once destroyed, it cannot be repaired any more.


Map of the battle field:


  • The black arrows shows where the Dark beasts spawns and move.
  • The red arrows shows the spawn and movement of Dark Beast once the gate is captured.
  • The top middle is the Dimensional Gate
  • The bottom 3 are the 3 gates as mentioned.

Class Creature Attraction

Now each class of character will attract a specific creature type at the back row of the fight. The front row however are random. Below is the list of the class and their creature:

  • Blademaster - Water Skeleton
  • Sword Sage - Fire Skeleon
  • Berserker - Earth Skeleton
  • Beast Lord - Wood Devil
  • Kungfu Master - Gold Ghost
  • Merchant Prince - Fire Devil
  • ArchMage - Water Reaper
  • Architech Of Light - Light Ghost
  • Schemer Of DarkNess - Wood Ghost
  • Priest - Dark Ghost (Not in game)

Spells that Monster Cast

Each type of creature in this war are very different from the traditional village wars. They cast all kinds of spells that players or pet can learn. Below is the list of the creature and their spell casting style:

Mob01.gif Gold Devil

  • Skills: Golden Flash, Blade in Faith

Mob02.gif Gold Reaper

  • Skills: Golden Needle Strike

Mob03.gif Gold Ghost

  • Skills: Ares, Golden Needle Strike

Mob04.gif Green Devil

  • Skills: Pine grove(123) , Pine Forest (456)

Mob05.gif Wood Ghost

  • Skills: Silence

Mob06 2.gif Water Skeleton

  • Skills: Dancing Fountain, Whirlpool

Mob07.gif Water Reaper

  • Skills: Ice blade

Mob08.gif Red Devil

  • Skills: Triple Combo Strike, Hephaestus

Mob09.gif Fire Skeleton

  • Skills: Molten

Mob10.gif Earth Reaper

  • Skills: Atlas

Mob11.gif Earth Skeleton

  • Skills: Regen Party

Mob12.gif Light Ghost

  • Skills: None.

Mob13.gif Light Skeleton

  • Skills: Holy Blast(Pet), Holy Blast(AOL)

Mob14.gif Dark Reaper

  • Skills: Curse, Weaken

Mob15.gif Dark Devil

  • Skills: Nightmare, Paralyzing

Mob16.gif Dark Bat

  • Skills: Life altar, Death toll

Mob17.gif Dark Ghost

  • Skills: Superburst, Poison Cloud

Note: All creatures have 3 hp and you can only do 1 damage regardless of attack.


After the Dimensional Gate is destroyed, Players can right click the door to enter the fortress. Inisde the fortress, there are many bosses, each guarding the door to the next chamber. The evil king Baricip and his 2 sidekings rest deep within the Frtress at each ends. Below is the list of bosses and their information.

Dark Sergeant

Dark Sergeant.jpg

  • HP: 100
  • Skills: Normal attack, 3x combo, 4x combo, Axerain, Axe Flash
  • Points awarded: 5

Dark Officer

Dark Officer.jpg

  • HP: 200
  • Skills: 2x combo, 3x combo, 4x combo, Axerain, Axe Flash
  • Points awarded: 10

Dark Lieutenant

Dark Lieutenant.jpg

  • HP: 300
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, Axerain, Axe Flash. Haymaker
  • Points awarded: 15

Note: After defeating this boss, you can proceed 3 ways. Left and right to Baricip sidekicks or continue center to reach Baricip.

    • The Center Path

Dark Commander

Dark Commander.jpg

  • HP: 400
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, Phoenix blade, Flame blade
  • Points awarded: 20

Dark Major

Dark Major.jpg

  • HP: 500
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, Cash Rain
  • Points awarded: 25

Dark Captain

Dark Captain.jpg

  • HP: 600
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, Cash Rain
  • Points awarded: 30

Dark Colonel


  • HP: 700
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, Cash Rain
  • Points awarded: 35

Marshal Dark Beast


  • HP:3000
  • Skills: 456 Pine Forest, Poison Cloud, Superburst, Ares
  • Points awarded: Unknown
  • Group points awarded: 250
  • Special: Defeating this ends the war in a victory.
    • The left path

Dark L.General

Dark L.General.jpg

  • HP: 1800
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, phoenix blade, flame blade
  • Points awarded: 90
    • The right path

Dark R.General

Dark R.General.jpg

  • HP: 1800
  • Skills: 3x combo, 4x combo, phoenix blade, flame blade
  • Points awarded: 90

Dark Beast Masters (Left and right final boss)

Dark BeastMasters.gif

  • HP: 2500
  • Skills: 456 Pine Forest, Poison Cloud, Super Burst, Ares
  • Points awarded: Unknown
  • Group points awarded: 100 points each side
  • Special: Defeating either side of this stop dark beasts spawn from either side. I.e If left Dark Beast Master been defeated, Dark beasts spawns at the battlefield on left side will stop.

Score Accumulation

Dark Beasts

  • Each dark beast slained (I.e A group of 10 mobs in battle) gives 1 fame point.

Dimensional Gate

  • The longer you attack the gate, the more points you get.
  • More people, gate break faster, less points and vice versa.
  • Note: it is not as much points as fighting dark beasts or bosses. So its better to fight.


  • The 1st boss dark sergeant gives 5 points.
  • The following boss have 100hp more than the 1st and 10 points.
  • Each 100 hp add on to the boss gives 5 additional points except for the last few bosses that gives much more if you reach it.

Group Fame

  • Everyone in the battlefield whether stoning, dooring, fighting all get this.
  • You get 0 group fame if any side is captured (left, right or middle gates).
  • You get 50 group fame if you can protect the 3 gates for 1 hour till the war end time and break the dimensional Gate
  • Take down the king Barlicip (the main boss) at the deepest end of the fortress behind the gate and get 250 bonus fame added to group. This result in a true victory in the war.
  • Take down the 2 dark beastmaster at the deepest end of left and right in the Fortress behind the gates and each goves 100 bonus fame.


  • Dying minus 1 fame from you.


  • Disconnecting from the game when time of war will result in no fame gained.


To exchange fame for treasures:

  • 7000 fame - One random level 75 Dreamlike Gear
  • 3000 fame - Pet Cart Box
  • 2500 fame - Reinforcement Gem
  • 50 fame - Special Working tool (600dur)

Note: The advance working tool will be rotated occasionally at this time among the 6 different tools. And prizes are subjected to changes every now and then.

To exchange fame for exp:

  • Based on 1 fame
    • Character Level x 1600 exp

To exchange fame for coins:

  • Based on 1 fame
    • Character Level x 80 coins

Score for Reborn

As you all know, points of purple war can be traded for exp, coins or item. Below is a bunch of points per level calculations I've done:

  • Level 50-51 -> 7 points needed, with 47,730 EXP left over
  • Level 51-52 -> 8 points needed, with 21,255 EXP left over
  • Level 52-53 -> 8 points needed, with 78,759 EXP left over
  • Level 53-54 -> 9 points needed, with 55,597 EXP left over
  • Level 54-55 -> 10 points needed, with 33,529 EXP left over
  • Level 55-56 -> 11 points needed, with 12,716 EXP left over
  • Level 56-57 -> 11 points needed, with 82,924 EXP left over
  • Level 57-58 -> 12 points needed, with 66,720 EXP left over
  • Level 58-59 -> 13 points needed, with 52,276 EXP left over
  • Level 59-60 -> 14 points needed, with 39,765 EXP left over
  • Level 60-61 -> 18 points needed, with 53,569 EXP left over
  • Level 61-62 -> 23 points needed, with 30,982 EXP left over
  • Level 62-63 -> 28 points needed, with 77,880 EXP left over
  • Level 63-64 -> 35 points needed, with 5,849 EXP left over
  • Level 64-65 -> 42 points needed, with 25,270 EXP left over
  • Level 65-66 -> 50 points needed, with 49,605 EXP left over
  • Level 66-67 -> 59 points needed, with 94,141 EXP left over
  • Level 67-68 -> 70 points needed, with 69,985 EXP left over
  • Level 68-69 -> 82 points needed, with 102,914 EXP left over
  • Level 69-70 -> 96 points needed, with 108,300 EXP left over
  • Level 70-71 -> 112 points needed, with 111,705 EXP left over
  • Level 71-72 -> 131 points needed, with 30,371 EXP left over
  • Level 72-73 -> 152 points needed, with 11,614 EXP left over
  • Level 73-74 -> 175 points needed, with 99,333 EXP left over
  • Level 74-75 -> 202 points needed, with 108,656 EXP left over
  • Level 75-76 -> 233 points needed, with 91,149 EXP left over
  • Level 76-77 -> 268 points needed, with 108,997 EXP left over
  • Level 77-78 -> 308 points needed, with 113,399 EXP left over
  • Level 78-79 -> 354 points needed, with 63,200 EXP left over
  • Level 79-80 -> 406 points needed, with 53,399 EXP left over
  • Total for reborn and change class at 70 and go to Level 71 - 103 + 503 + 503 + 112 = 1221.
  • Total for reborn and level to 71 with class change at 60 - 103 + 503 + 112 = 718.
  • Total for reborn and change class at 70 and go to Level 76 = 2114
  • Total for reborn and change class at 70 and go to Level 80 = 3450

Note: This is only if you start using points at level 50. A bit wasteful to use if earlier but is your choice.

  • Level 71 to 80 - 2229 points.


Some tips on dex required for some skills if a party member is level 80 to be faster than all apart from light and water. These 2 especially water have insanely high dex, so its better to save your stats to more important stats instead of wasting to get dex above this 2.

  • Merge - 282 dex
  • God of Beast Impact Skill - about 305/306
  • SuperBurst - about 36x to 37x, 35x to be faster than wood and fire
  • Flame Hail - about 2xx
  • Rain of grace - 18x

Please remember that the requirement for each element depends on the highest lvl player on party. They allways spawn 5lvls higher than the highest one in party. Higher lvl = Higher dex needed