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What are Pet Toys?

We heard people saying they want to get toys for their pets, want to boast their pets with toys or even just collect the various pet toys. So what are pet toys? They are a special system designed for pets to help increase their statistic of your choosing, such as strength, dex, luck and so on.

This system is very flexible compared to the old pet accessory system in that not only can you choose the statistic you desire for the pet, you can also choose any of the toys available to equip you pets with. Unlike accessories, pet toys can be equiped by any pets as long as they reached the level requirements for it.

Currently there are 105 toys released in this version, and range from low level pet toys that add less stats to high level ones that add 50 stats points to your pet.



The Npc in charge of making these toys will be Timmy. He resides in Baghdad toy store(31,126). He have mastered the skills of toy making and enchanting and finally opens his shop 24/7 to help fairylanders make and enchant their toys.

Materials Needed for making Pet Toys

  • 10000 coins
  • Work skill product. (can be from Woodcutting, Hunting, or Mining + Metalworking)
  • A specific pet card. The required card varies from toy to toy.
  • A base part. They are only obtainable via pet toy box, it is not known which base part you will get till you open it.
    • This box can be obtained via purple war(Dimension) points or Item Mall at this stage.
  • For complete pet toys and materials list, click the link below:

Pet toys List

Part One: Making Pet Toys


  • To get started with making toys, speak with Timmy and select .


  • Bring the required materials for the toy you wish to make.


  • From the list of pet toys, choose the one you brought materials for to make it.


  • After you finished it, you will get the toy.

Toy2.jpg Toy1.jpg

  • The finished toys won't have any stats till enchantment is done, however it can still be worn on the pet as a title or turn in for certain quests.

Materials Needed for enchanting Pet Toys

  • 10000 coins
  • A specific pet doll. This is the same as the required card to make the toy.
  • Gems. Each type of gem will give your pet toy a different stat
    • Topaz --> Luck
    • Turquoise ---> consitution
    • Ruby --> strength
    • Sapphire --> dexiterity
    • Opal --> charm
    • Obsidian --> intelligence

Part Two: Enchanting Pet Toys


  • To begin phase 2 of pet toy making, the enchanting process, start by clicking Timmy and choosing the option


  • On the pop up menu displayed with 5 boxes, place your pet toy that you made in the middle box.


  • Upon placing your toy, the type of dolls needed and the maximum amount it can hold will be shown.( highlighted in the red rectangle)
  • Place the required dolls and gems into any of the 4 empty boxes and start the enchantment process.
    • Note 1: For every one doll inserted, the amount of gems that can be added will equalivant to 5.
    • Note 2: 1 gem will equals to 1 stats point, thus for 1 doll that will be 5 stats point of the desired attribute.
    • Note 3: Only 1 kind of gem can be used in this process, thus you cannot add 2 different type of gems as each pet toy can only have 1 attribute of your choice.
    • Note 4: This enchantment can be done only once. So try to use max amount of dolls and corresponding amount of gems to give the toy its maximum potential. You cannot add more gems or dolls after you have enchanted it.


  • The result of the enchantment will add the stats you desire to the pet. In this case dex was added as shown.

That concludes the pet toy system tutorial. Have fun with your new pet toys. :)