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Introduction to FairyLand Pets

In the world of FairyLand, there are special kinds of creatures called pets. These creatures are inseparable from the inhabitants of FairyLand. They have a unique bond with their human, elven or dwarven masters. Normally these pets roam wild in the countryside of FairyLand's vast world. The higher a pet's level or rank, the more difficult it is to capture and tame it. Therefore, a beginner would be wise not to do so at an early stage but to gain a pet through hatching a pet egg. A pet which has been hatched and is trained by its master from young will live and grow with him/her until death. Thus is the bond between a pet and its master. Pets are divided into seven elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth, dark, and light). Depending on your pet's element, and the element of the opposing creature, the effectiveness of combat can be affected by up to 50%. For example, a pet with the earth element will not be affected by the attacks of a pet of the water element, but would suffer greatly from the assult of a wood element pet. Besides the different elemental attributes, there are difference to the pet's constituation, strength, dexterity and so on much like the main characters have. They may also learn different skills depending on their species and element. Although the pets are always more than eager to help their master, the accompanying pet consumes a portion of the master's magic points (MP). If the MP is insufficient to supply the pet's needs, the pet may be compelled to not accompany the master. However, if this occurs too often, the pet may actually hide from you.

Obtaining Pets

You get your first opportunity at obtaining a pet when you play the tutorial quest. The quest will allow you to get a pet egg which you can then hatch to get a pet. Besides hatching a pet from an egg, you may also obtain pets through capturing them in battles. With the exception of boss fights, you can actually capture all the other pets on the battlefield. Once the pet's life is below a certain level, you will have the option of capturing it. However, when a pet's health has reached such low levels, there is also a high probability that the pet will run away from combat. Besides personally capturing or purchasing a pet, players may also trade pets with each other. However, the pet obtained from the tutorial quest cannot be sold or traded.

Capturing a pet

First you need a Capsule. Each capsule can catch a pet of different levels.

Capsule level Pet level Note
1 1–20 Can be bought in all Major city pet shops, including Bluebird, Rainbow City and Goldburg.
2 1–40 Can be bought in Baghdad pet shop, Quest
3 1–60 Quest
4 1–80 Lucky Draw, Slot Machine
5 1–100 Lucky Draw, Slot Machine
6 1–120 Resets pet to half its current level (e.g. level 120 becomes level 60), Lucky Draw, Slot Machine
7 1–120 Resets pet to level 100 after capture, Lucky Draw
8 1-140 Resets pet to level 100 after capture. Obtain from lucky draw or purple war.
9 1-160 Resets pet to level 100 after capture. Not available yet.

Capsules are also given from NPCs by the completion of quests.

To capture a desired pet, you must first isolate the pet. Therefore, you have to remove all other pets from the screen before attempting to throw your capsule.


  • Place your capsule in the "Quick List" or "Hot Key Bar".
  • The less hitpoints a pet has, the easier it is to capture.
  • It helps to have good Charm when capturing a beast.
  • A Beastmaster with the Beastlore skill has a greater chance of successfully capturing beasts compared to any other class.
  • The lower the level of the pet, the easier it is to capture.
  • The best way to reduce the pet's HP is to use a poison move on it until its HP is down to 1. However, when the pet's HP is nearly depleted, there is a chance that it can run away.
  • Furthermore, you won't exhaust a capsule even when failing to capture. Just keep trying.

Relationships with your pets

The Intimacy level of a beast is very important. It determines whether a pet would listen to your commands or not. With a high intimacy level, you'll have more command options for a pet. With a low intimacy level, a pet may choose to ignore your commands or even turn against you! There are 3 ways to increase intimacy:

  1. Keep it fed. Remember the pets need to feed on your MP. Keep an eye on your MP level.
  2. Winning in combat will boost a pet's morale.
  3. Take it out for a walk now and then to keep it happy. Make sure it doesn't get out of your sight. If a pet goes off of your screen, its intimacy will decrease. If your pet intimacy is above 70 walking will not increase it anymore. (so long as you do not move when you release the pet to walk, it will not walk out of your sight. Walking your pet in a small house is not needed.)

If a pet's intimacy level becomes too low, it may not take part in combat. Or if it does, it may turn against you. Having too many pets at one time is a drain on your MP. If you can't afford a pet, you are advised to give it or sell it away. It is also possible to send it to a Pet's Home. They'll take care of it for you.

Behaviour vs. Intimacy

  • 30 Intimacy: The pet will not always attack who you tell it to, but won't attack you so long as you dont try to have it do any skills. (telling it to do a skill can result in it attacking you or another party member)
  • 50 Intimacy: This is the intimacy you want to aim for if you want your pet to do its skills reliably. At 50 inti, it will no longer attack you or party members when telling it to use a skill, and will attack who you tell it to 100% of the time.
  • 80 Intimacy: This one is not as useful, but fun none the less. At 80 inti, you can set your pet to walk, and it will no longer walk away from you. So you can set your pets up and have them pose to show off while you're away. ^^

Pet Modes

Pets in Fairyland can be assigned a variety of roles for combat purposes. In addition to fighting alongside you, they can enhance your offensive and defensive powers. In order for your pets to perform such actions, they must have enough intimacy first.

Status Intimacy
Normal The pet is resting inside of its capsule, and is not taking part in battles.
Combat The pet is fighting alongside you in battles. It can attack and use its own skills against your foes. Be warned, a pet with low intimacy may ignore you, attack something else, or even attack your party members!
Arms 30 The pet is fused into your weapon, increasing your weapon's damage based on the pet's strength, and accuracy based on the pet's dexterity. Your attacks also take on the elemental attributes of the pet.
Armor 50 The pet is fused into your armor, increasing your armor's defense based on the pet's constitution, and evasion based on the pet's luck. Your defense also takes on the elemental attributes of the pet.
Magic 60 The pet is fused with your mind, increasing your magic power based on the pet's intelligence. A pet who shares the same element as your magic attack further boosts that spell's power.
Soul 80 The pet is fused with your soul, increasing magic defense and boosting your HP and MP regeneration. This mode is only temporary, and when the pet is exhausted, Soul Mode cannot be used again for a while. (10 mins)
Walk The pet is let out of its capsule to take a walk. It will gain intimacy as it walks, but no more than 70. If a pet walks out of your sight, it will lose intimacy. A pet with 80 intimacy will not move around when it is let out to walk, making it easier to pose it.

Whenever a pet is set to a mode other than Normal or Walk, it will earn a share of the experience points earned from a battle, which are needed to level up your pet as well. They will also require more MP to maintain if they are not in Normal Mode, so be aware of that.

Leveling Up Pets

Like players, Pets too gain experience and levels. Whenever you use pets in battles, they will gain a portion of the experience you earned. When pets level up, however, it is much different from a player gaining a level.

  • Pets gain 7 stat points per level insteaqd of 6. (in this version of FL, pets can get upto 11 stat points per lvl. Higher than that I'm unsure of. But my pets have gotten more than +7 before. ~Deadling)
  • You have no control over where these stat points are allocated.

The stat gains aren't entirey random. Based on the pet's element and species, it will lean towards certain stats more than others. The element-based stat growth is considered the be the primary growth, as it is where most of the stat points get allocated. The species-based stat growth is consdered to be the secondary growth, as while it is not as prominent as the element-based growth, the stat growth based on species is still quite noticeable.

Element-based Growth Chart
Metal CON and STR
Wood CON with minor INT
Water DEX
Fire STR with minor LUK
Earth LUK and CON
Light Random
Dark INT

Note: To level a pet pass 60, the owner must be an advanced class. Otherwise your pet will get no exp when it reaches level 60 no matter what your level is.

Determining Pet's Growth

Your pets growth is easy to determine. A pets growth is a very simple math problem basically. Just look at this way. I'll use my own str/str pet for this.

Currently my pet's str is 183, and is lvl 48. I'm going to treat this as if its starting stat was 2.

You take its current stat, which would be 183, and minus the starting stat of 2. This leaves it with an end result of 181. (183-2=181) You then take the pets level, which is 48, and minus 1, making 47. The reason for this is because its first lvl and stat was never technichally grown, so shouldnt be apart of the final equation. So in the end, you're left with 181 for its stat, and 47 for its lvl. You then divide the stat with the lvl. So in this case, 181/47=3.8xxxxxxx(everything past the first number after the point is not needed.) So as a result, my pet's growth is 3.8. Not the best growth, but it is what it is. Also if your pet grows in 2 different stats, then it's the same principle. Except that you will have to minus its starting stats for both stats it grows in, and then add those 2 stats together.

So a rundown of this.

(current stat) − (starting stat) = X
(current lvl) − (starting lvl) = Y
X ÷ Y = your pet's growth.

Advanced Pet Fusion / Universe Secret

Advanced Pet fusion is a method to assign what it inherits from its parents including the attributes, species, abilities, and even inborn skill. This includes RARE encounter pets. You will need 1x Universal Secret, 5k coins You can inherit a gem as well this gives a different skill for each gem stone added (Only 1?)

assuming you want to merge a fire int/int standing bunny:

  • Go to the Emerald City pet shop
  • Talk to the universe secret NPC
  • Pick paternal (for example the bunny)
  • Pick maternal (for example the puppet)
  • Pick element (paternal)
  • Pick species (paternal)
  • Pick stat growth (maternal)
  • Choose to use gem (details of gems down below)

This info provided by babylucky7(ShikamaruNara added Joshra Metal) Note that this info may not be 100% as changes in the game may occur.

  • Topaz – Mischief
  • Celestine – Stupid
  • Turquoise – Fool
  • Agate – play dead
  • Ruby – Hide
  • Sapphire – Invisible
  • Red Jade – Frighten
  • Blue Jade – Intimidate
  • Yellow Jade – boast
  • Azure Jade – super boast
  • Green Jade – Berserk
  • Obsidian – Desperate Strike
  • Diamond – Heal
  • Opal – 2x combo
  • Mythyst – Transfer hp
  • Infernite – Vampirism
  • Seraphite – Good will
  • Evil Gem – Infest
  • Element Crystal – Full Heal
  • Soul Gem – Sacrifice
  • Lunar Metal – Triple Strike combo
  • Dimis Metal – Soul Attraction
  • Joshra Metal - La La Dance