Pet Morphing

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What pet morphing is, when you have a pet in your pet section and you want to merge it into either your equipment or your weapon. But for now were going to talk about weapons. Through trial and error, a lot of people tried their best to figure out how to choose the right pet to morph into weapon, everyone was using strength cause it would make sense right?

Well, actually it's not, oddly enough we found out that it was merging an int growth pet into your weapon to get the best results for a morphed weapon. However, it does require allot of int for this type or morph to be successful, if you just want a quick damage addition, the best thing to do is to choose a dark or light pet that's high lvl and morph, you can usually get 60-70 points damage. But training a dark int/int pet to lvl 60 with good growth can potentially give you 120+ additional points of damage increase along with 20-30 hit rate increase.

I have been able to figure out a formula to determine how high you want to get your pet to get the right amount of additional damage for your weapon.

40 INT = 25+ damage. Although to some of you that doesn't seem allot lets try make the number bigger then. Say you have a pet that has 200 int.

200 INT = 125+ damage. The best way is to make sure the pet grows up in chunks of 40 int to get the best + damage for you. Although getting a pet up to lvl 60 just to morph it may be hard or very annoying i can assure you that its very much worth it.

For defensive you would merge con pets into it to get the most defence effectively or you would merge a con/luck pet to get the most defence and ac increase. INT does not effect con what so ever when merging unlike it does in weapons, this was tried and didn't work at all. We are unsure for the formula for set amount of defence for now but will be updated as soon as possible. Just remember when you merge a pet the element of the pet becomes the element for your defence until you wear a pet as your defensive pet.