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P/S: Pet cart list pictures, stats of each cart and so on will be updated when i have time :). For now, below is the basic instructions and required materials for each cart.

What are Pet Carts

Ever wonder what it be like to ride a vehicle in Fairyland? You have seen pets doing a lot of neat stuffs and even allowing you to fly on a carpe with it pushing it. Now, Pet carts are in game. Certain pets in game can learn the skill push cart, with this skill, yur lovely pet will be able to equip a pet cart and allow you to ride a cart with it pushing it. There are certain requirements and items needed for carts and will be discussed below.

Advantages of Pet Carts

  • Mob encounter rate drop
  • HP regen rate increase
  • MP regen rate increase
  • Increase pet's stats
    • The stats on the pet cart is randomly chosen from STR, DEX, CON, INT.
    • The amount of stats increased depends on the level of your pet cart.


Pic 1.jpg

The NPC Sole in charge of making Pet Carts will reside in Baghdad Toy Store (31, 126). After travelling around the world in search of a good place open his business, he have decided to set up his business alongside Timmy( the pet toy Npc). Now they are located 24/7 in the Pet Toy Shop, giving pets and players all the benefits in their services.

Materials needed for making Pet Carts

  • coins
  • New cart body
  • Special materials (such as paint, seats, wheels and such)
  • For players they want to make a next level cart (level 2, 3, 4 and etc pet cart), they need to prepare an old pet cart (1 lv down)
    • Example: to make a level 3 pet cart, You will need a level 2 pet cart.
  • The special materials can be obtained via Pet Cart Box from purple war and Item mall at this stage.
  • When opening pet cart box, you will obtain ONE of the following in random.
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Race car
    • Pram
    • Dinghy
    • Bear cart frame
    • Car cart frame
    • Bunny cart frame
    • Axle
    • Tire
    • Handle
    • Racing seat
    • Bumper
    • Track
    • Rainbow paint

IMPORTANT: Once a Pet cart is made, it cannot be traded nor placed in the bank. However you can swap it between different pets.

Pet Carts list

Level Restrictions

  • Level 1 cart:Wheelbarrow, equip-able at lv 5
  • Level 2 cart:Race car, equip-able at lv 30
  • Level 3 cart:Pram, equip-able at lv 50
  • Level 4 cart:Dinghy, equip-able at lv 70
  • Level 5 cart:Bear cart, Cat Cart, Bunny Cart, equip-able at lv 100

Making Pet Carts

Pic 2.jpg

  • To begin your cart making, speak with Sole and click ( Please make a pet cart for me).
  • Bring the required materials of the Pet Cart you wish to make.

Pic 4.jpg

  • From the list shown, choose the desired cart level and then the desired cart that you will be making.

Pic 5.jpg

  • Click the manufacture button and you will recieve your cart.


  • The finished carts will be ready to use. Depending on which level of carts you make and the type, they add different stats.

Teaching Your pet to push a Cart

  • In order to equip and push a cart, your pet need to eb able to learn the push cart skill.

Pic 6.jpg

  • You could find NPC “Argen the Strong” (35, 148) in Veggie and ask him to learn the cart pulling skill for your pet.

Pic 7.jpg

  • Click on ( Teach pet a skill) and choose the pet you wish to teach the push cart skill to.

Pic 8.jpg

  • Look into the pet skill list and you will see the pet has learned the cart pulling skill.

Note: Not all pet can learn this skill and it requires a minimum level of 5 to learn it.

Pic 9.jpg

  • Equip the cart into the equipment slot box at top right hand corner for pet, in the pet window.

Pic 10.jpg

  • put the pet in combat mode and click the push cart ability and you will be in the cart you made. Enjoy.

Note: Intimacy of pet must be 90 to use this skill.