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The General Steps in order to get Married

1) In order to marry your spouse, you must first collect a Ring bone.

These are dropped by the following monsters:

Water Slime ( Slime Maze B3)

Ice Scorpion ( Tutu Island)

Fire Aibo ( Pineapple Hill)

Nissa (Earth) Camel ( Thief Lair B3)

Golden Elephant ( Thief lair B3/ Tutu island)

Water Bell ( Garden of live flowers)

Other areas that drop Ring bone: Wani island, Bath catacombs B1)

2) Take the Ring bone and 1 cut diamond to the Ring Fairy in Lovely Sky's on server 2. Lovely Sky's is accessed via the teleporter inside the house (Aether Haus - 7:145) on the left side of Gion outskirts.

3) You will receive a proposal Ring with a durability of 10. In order to propose to your intended spouse, you must Right click the ring, and type the person's name. They must be near you for the proposal to work. Both Male and Female can propose.

Once you proposed, you will receive an Engagement stone in your inventory. However, there is an option to break the Engagement via the Wedding Fairy. Once you do, you obviously will have to get another Bone ring and start all over. (untested)

Take the Engagement stone to the Wedding Fairy in the Lovely Sky's. Both the Groom and the Bride must purchase a ring for each other. This can be done at separate times. Price is 50k each

Booking the time of the wedding requires a proposal stone in the inventory as well as 520,000 coins (520k).


Options when booking: Speak to the Wedding Fairy

Choose Book the church

WARNING: The time of the wedding is based on GMT+0. Usually for most Americans this is around 4-5 hours behind. But if you have any problems figuring out the time for yourself, you can use FL's newly added * action into the game, which is "* timestamp". This will tell you the current time in game along with the date, so you can compare it to your own time. Convenient huh?

Morning: (6 am) (8 am) (10 am) Afternoon: (4pm) (6pm) Night: (8pm) (10pm) Early Dawn: (12am) (2am) (4am) Slight text error (early dawn 12am says 12pm and 4am says 4pm in the games info when you talk to fairy.)

(I guess they need an hour after the wedding to clean up the church :P hahaha)

Next you are given dates:

If you book on a Sunday you can only book as far as Saturday (7 days) and if you are doing same day you can book it 1 hour ahead of your current time. After booking a time you may purchase Wedding related Items such as: Invitations - Must have booked the

wedding already.(500 coins / per1)

Bouquet - Female only (??? on price) Wedding Ring - Can be purchased before the reservation. (50,000 coins) 50k 1 for Bride 1 for Groom)

If you miss your booking time your reservation will be canceled and you will not be refunded your money you will have to shell out another 500k for the re-booking of the wedding hall and wait 24 hours before you can do the re booking (In game hours? or IRL?)

Upon entering the Church you can speak to "<missing info>" to purchase fire works there are 3 levels of fireworks ranging in price and looks.

1) Economic Package - 50k

2) Happiness Package - 100k

3) Deluxe Package - 200k

When you both get to the church on time, the Groom must inform the Wedding Ceremony Angel to start the wedding, Give your vows, and exchange your wedding rings. - Your now Married. Say hello Ball and Chain to the both of you :P

After the wedding is over, in order to recieve the "teleport feature" you will be required to embed a gemstone into your wedding ring. (Listed Below)

1. Speak to the Ring Fairy.

2.Choose Wedding Ring

3. I want to embed my wedding ring.

4. Choose the type you want (with the gemstone in your inventory)

After the wedding is over (1 hour has passed) the bride should return to the "Door Fairy" to collect the money given by the guests.

(10kX(number of guests)=Total) (If you have 30 guests you'll recieve 300k) Weddings are only reserved for 1 hour at a time if you have not completed the wedding by that time you are kicked out of the wedding hall.

Note: If wedding has been started and the groom / bride are in the center of the carpet and someone gets DC' ed or walks out there is no way to get back in without an invitation and paying the 10k gift. This is why it's always a good idea to have a "slave character" as an usher with extra invites and a auto whisper message to contact someone inside the church.

Note2: Log out of Fairyland and re-enter server 2 again to get off the carpet. However entering back into the church will cause you to teleport back onto the carpet. Note3: When the Boquet is Tossed, if the next lady right clicks it there is the option "Recycle Boquet", This does not mean using in your wedding instead you are destroying the boquet for 1 coin.

Congratulations, and have a Happy Wedding

Talking to the Ring Fairy (After Marriage) Choose Wedding Ring - Embedding Wedding ring, The cost is 10k + a Cut Gemstone or a Life Core Gem Name Stat Bonus Appearance

Red Jade Strength +4 Blue Jade Dexterity +4 Yellow Jade Luck +4 Azure Jade Intelligence +4 Green Jade Constitution +4 Diamond Charm +4 Life Core All Stats +3

An additional bonus of a wedding ring is the ability to teleport directly to your spouse wherever they may be. (There are a few limitations on this). Another bonus feature is that when training together you and your spouse get 1/3 exp increaced while training together. Even if your spouse runs from battle as long as your in the party with your spouse you will get the exp bonus from it.

Limitations Discovered: "In the Sky", Nameless Cave, Dragon Cave level 1

You can't be partied to someone else and use the wedding ring

Information goes to MeFisher's Site