Major Cities

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There are three capital cities in Fairyland:

Goldburg (GB)

Map goldburg small.jpg Goldburg, home of the dwarven folk, is a vast underground city that is rich in resources. In addition to locales common to all three capital cities, like a blacksmith, tailor, general store, butchers, and delis, Goldburg is also home to a Jeweler, which has many delightful functions. Even though Goldburg lacks a carpenter, it makes up for it by having the home-made shops of all the players being on display in the famous Goldburg Market. Goldburg is also home to the Soldiers' Guild, meaning that any up-and-coming warrior who wishes to change class must pay a visit to this underground city. There are four exits out of Goldburg: Ilium to the north, Genie Desert to the east, Goldburg Lake to the southeast, and Crystal Mountain to the south.

Bluebird (BB)

The forested city of the elves, Bluebird is a majestic city that is surrounded on all sides by trees, with only a southern exit to Bluebird Suburbia and then Smiling Forest. To complement the usual stores found in the other cities, Bluebird also has a carpenter, a handy place for diviners to purchase lower-level wands (which may run out quite rapidly in their travels). With the elven affinity for magic, and the serene landscape surrounding the city, it is no wonder that Bluebird is the location of the Diviners' Guild, and so young Mages and Acolytes can be seen wandering around the city quite frequently. Map bluebird small.jpg

Rainbow City (RBC)

Map rainbowcity small.jpg Rainbow City, capital of the human folk, is a large, sprawling city that is home to more inhabitants than the other two capitals. It boasts the largest variety of shops, but the time it takes to travel between shops may be tiresome, due to the expansive geography of the city. One of the largest tourist attractions of the city, however, is its Arena, a place for ambitious players to fight, alone and unaided by other players, against wave after wave of enemies to obtain great honour and prizes. It is also the location of the Journeymen's Guild, a place for Apprentices to become Traders, Martial Artists, or Beastmasters. Its suburbia is quite large, and leads to the Northern, Western, and Southern grasslands.