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Welcome to the Fairyland Wiki. The official English server has been opened since November 1st, 2007.
On this wiki you can read and add information regarding the game.

Once Upon a Time....

There lived wonderful creatures in a fantastic world. In the land of fairy tales where imagination is reality, our imagination is the life force that the fantastic creatures feed upon. Snow White would no longer exist if no one has ever heard of her or believed in her existence. Our imagination kept them going, shaped the world they live in and made sure their stories never ended...Read More


Fairyland Main Site
Introduction & How to Register
FL newbie survival guide
User Interface & Combat

Clan information
Fairyland FaceBook
Fairyland Item Mall
Marriage System
Player Creation - Artwork
Wars (Kingdom Wars, Purple War)


Character building
Race (Humans, Elves, Dwarves)
Advanced look
Skills Diviner (Mage, AoL, AoD)
Skills Journeyman (Beastmaster, Trader, Martial Artist)
Skills Soldier (Axeman, Blademan, Swordman)

Working and equipment

Basic Work Skill
Advanced Work Skills
Armors and Weapons from npc's
Master of Equipment
Pet Morphing
Forging Strong Weapons

Monsters and pets

Pet System
Pet List
Pets Category Index
Pets Mystery
Pet Skills
Pet Toys
Pet Accessories (not ingame)
Pet Carts

Maps and Locations

Links to Fairyland related websites:

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