Kingdom of Lucca

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Biggest town in FL

1. The Armorer2. Tavern3. Fish Market
4. The Blacksmith5. The Pet Shop6. The Timber Shop
7. The Store8. Rainbow Bank9.The Repair Shop
10. The Tailor11. The Healer12. The Deli
13. The Butcher14. Rainbow Warehouse 1 (143:582)15. Rainbow Warehouse 2 (173:676)
16. Rainbow Warehouse 3 (284:604)17. Journeyman Guild18. Sterli's House
19. Farmhouse20. Corina's House21. Perth's House
22. Kay's House23. Calira's House24. Molly's House
25. Royton's House26. Sharpe's House27. Tally's House
28. Klara's House29. Katz's House30. Sandy's House
31. Pio's House32. Julie's House33. Bert's House
34. Robert's House35. Cage's House36. Washington's House
37. Ana's House38. Rumfetz's House39. Oscar's House
40. Arena41. Traveling Association - Requires Travel Ticket.42. Mell (Outskirts)
43. Clan House - Clan Manager 44. Teleporter to Gion, Bluebird City, and Goldburg City45. Entrance to Rainbow City Palace Dungeon

Credit goes to Ironwolves