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Apart from regular training and competitions in Fairyland, there are Kingdom Wars around too. These wars are interesting to be in it and required the players to fight either solo or team up against many dark summoners in the war. Unlike the Purple War which only caters to 71+ indivdiuals and require teaming up to win, players can participate in Kingdom Wars as early as level 11. Each war's participants may only be in a particular bracket of levels.


The wars occur every hour and are divided into two major groups: the lower levels and the upper levels. The bracket called for each war is random.

Lower Levels

  • Level 11 to 40
  • Called in brackets of 5 levels (11 to 15, 16 to 20, 21 to 25, 26 to 30, 31 to 35 and 36 to 40)
  • Occurs on the even hour from GMT timing (2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., etc.)

Upper Levels

  • Level 41 to 200
  • Called in brackets of 10 levels (41 to 50, 51 to 60, 61 to 70, 71 to 80, 81 to 90 and 91 and above)
  • Occurs on the odd hour from GMT timing (1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., etc.)

Location and Rules

You have 5 minutes from the time of announcement before it starts.

  • Village war (Lower Level)
    • Village hall at Gion, Greenvile or Illium.
  • City Wars (Upper Level)
    • At middle of city by the guard captain at Bluebird, Rainbow City or Goldburg.
  • Max players – 45
  • Server 3
  • Duration of war – 50 minutes
  • To win, defeat all enemies before end time.
  • Enemy spawns – come in groups of 9 and occur 5 times, with last spawn 25 mins into the war.

Spawn Location


  • At the 4 exits of Gion (North, South, East and West)


  • 1 at the top most exit
  • 1 by healer
  • 1 by exit to Goldburg
  • 1 by Greedy Hutch House


  • At the 4 exits of the village (north, south, east and west)

Rainbow City

  • 1 at the exit to Pineapple Hill
  • 1 between Light Temple and exit to Veggie at the top
  • 1 just above the farmland at the bottom exit to Sleepy Lake
  • 1 left of the bottom exit


  • 1 at the bottom Dark Temple area
  • 3 at the top by the exit to Cape of Flying Fish around the oasis area


  • 1 at the top beside Water Temple
  • 1 slightly below Water Temple
  • 2 at the bottom by the witch

Special Bosses

These bosses only appear at the upper Level wars — 71 bracket and above. Unlike the regular 'Dark Summoners' that have low hp and use regular spells, these bosses uses advance class spells/skills and have high hp of 1xxx k and more

  • 71 - 80: 1 per spawn, total 5
  • 81 - 90: 2 per spawn, total 10
  • 91+: 3 per spawn, total 15

These bosses are called 'Dark Captains'. Below are the list of skills and spells observed in each city.


  • 456, Superburst, Archmage God spells
  • The Captains here are mostly spell casters. Having an AoL with prayer shield is really useful here.


  • 456, and mostly Warrior skills such as Phoenix Blade and Qi Fist.

Rainbow City

  • Mostly Warrior and KFM skills with occasional 456.

Prizes and Drops

With each summoner you or party kills, fame is awarded. Apart from this, any pet dolls, cards and whatever items they can drop in wild can be dropped here. It's a good place to get those rare cards and dolls of pets, such as merged pets.

On winning the war you will receive even more fame

Special drops such as war boxes can be gained too.

  • Mysterious box (Blue) – usually gives junk like chiken etc but you can acquire rare items if lucky eg: Capsule 4, Pet Cards/Dolls.
  • Pink Box – Better chance of higher quality items but mostly ores and gems, sometimes if you are lucky you may get rare things, Dancing Scrolls, Capsules, FD and PWD etc.
  • Magical Box – Gives more chance of better items - Pet Dolls, Pet Cards, gems, ores etc.
  • Special chest – Dropped by the special bosses, highest chance to get rare things.

To open the boxes, go to the Illium Jeweller. Note that the list of prizes is not exhaustive; you can find almost anything that is in the game, so good luck!