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Kingdom of Lucca
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Height: 165cm
Body weight: 50kg

Past Background An orphan since childhood, Kent grew up and trained with his uncle, a sword master. Kent grew up in Lettuce Village, at the edge of the boundary to the Kingdom of Lucca. This village is famous for the lettuce crops. Everything had been peaceful until the war between the humans and elves began.
Personal Nature Although Kent is an orphan, he has an extremely lively and open nature, being highly intelligent but slightly mischievous at times. He tends to speak without thinking of the consequences. Overall, he is a very kind-hearted person and well liked by all the village inhabitants.
Physical Characteristics Has a big head and very untidy hair
Zodiac Aries
Merits Has a positive attitude, works hard, is highly loyal, has loads of self-confidence and is open to new ideas. Has quite a high level of strength and courage. Dares to accept new challenges and is not afraid of tougher foes.
Shortcomings He is a little too self-centered, egotistical, and impatient at times. He is easily angered, especially when someone taunts or shames him. He does not look after his appearance well.



Kingdom of Lucca
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Height: 162cm
Body weight: 45kg

Past Background An orphan since childhood, Mila grew up under the care of her aunt who was a Master in the magic arts. There she trained with her aunt and learned to master some magic. She grew up in Gion village, which grows, lies and is near the Kingdom of Lucca near the frontier; here is the biggest gem mining area on the continent.
Personal Nature She should be a very lovable girl, she has a nice personality, her individuality has a sense of justice, therefore in the village the ‘National People's Congress' all like her very much (especially the boys). However, some girls are hostile towards her, thinking that she has a fake personality.
Physical Characteristics She has big eyes and has two very thick braids, her every action and every movement lovable but with a sense that she is a little artificial
Zodiac Pisces
Merits Not selfish; has good intentions and a big imagination. She also has a good understanding of how to use her strength. She trusts others and is not over suspicious. She is also a romantic.
Shortcomings She likes to daydream and to think about her future. However, she can easily become emotional.



Kingdom of Lucca
Race: Human
Age: 17 years old
Height: 170cm
Body weight: 65kg

Past Background Marlowe is two years older than his good friend Kent. Marlowe's father is a famous hunter in the Lettuce village. He taught Marlowe how to hunt so Marlowe is a good hunter too.
Personal Nature Many girls like his personality. He is a very open and a bright boy.
Physical Characteristics Light curvy hair. Women favor Marlowe.
Zodiac Leo
Merits He has good leadership skills and finds it easy to convince people to follow his direction. He has a lot of motivation and is warm, open and bright. He understands and forgives people and is effective with influential words. He is also not over suspicious.
Shortcomings Always eager to greatness and success, he thinks he is the best in the world.



Kingdom of Lucca
Race: Human
Age: 16 years old
Height: 166cm
Body weight: 46kg

Past Background Angel grew up in Rainbow City, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Lucca where her parents ran a jeweler's business, thus her family is extremely wealthy. As the only daughter in her family, her parents spoiled her. She is extremely attractive and known to be FairyLand's most beautiful female human.
Personal Nature Perhaps because she is the only child in her family, her parents dote on her so much, she does not handle personal or intimate feelings very well and is often mistaken for being arrogant. However, she is a good person at heart.
Physical Characteristics Being a very attractive person, she often gains the attention of every male who looks upon her. She pays a lot of attention to her appearance, actions and movement.
Zodiac Scorpio
Merits She is an enthusiastic person. She fears failure and seldom persists her opinion.
Shortcomings She is a woman with mood swings and easily gets jealous of others.