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System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP

CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or above (Recommended P III 500 MHz or above)

Memory: 128MB

Sound card: DirectX8.0 or later compatible Sound Card

Graphics card: DirectX8.0 or later compatible Graphics Card

Internet Connection: 56k dialup modem (broadband or ADSL for better performance)

Standard Mouse and Keyboard

  • Fairyland does not support Vista.


1. At first, please link the member register, and then choose "Register" ,enter the page filling in the data for application. If the player loses his/her ID, we will determine the player's ID based upon his/her personal information. Therefore, we sincerely hope that players will complete the registration form in detail and with true information. We greatly appreciate your time and patience.

2 Choose your private and personal Game ID.

3. Once you've successfully registered, you cannot perform any corrections. So in order to protect your rights, please fill out the form carefully with your correct information such as your name, IC number, date of birth and so on. .Moreover, the system will send out the confirmation letter according to the e-mail data , so please the players must fill in the E-mail account that can really receive the letter.

4. After examining the data completely, our system will send out the confirmation letter to the applicant's E-mail mailbox according to personal data and you can start using this account. After the application is complete, the player will get two accounts. One is the game account, used for when you enter the game. Another is the charge management account, which is used to manage charging cash on the website.

5. A game account can create three characters in the Fairyland world. If you want more than three, you have to apply for new game account. Additionally, we will remind you of filling out the form carefully with your correct information so that you inquire the password conveniently. If you input false data, we won't accept the service of the registration data and the inquiry of account and password .