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Welcome to Fairyland Online

Here is a FL newbie survival guide that will get you started. An introduction to the quests, pet system and most importantly how to earn MONEY!! Even better~ to get started easily, we have prepared a jump start package for you!

Fairland Guide for the beginning newbies

My first mission for the beginning

For the first time in FL, you will be located in the fairyland school which is set for the new visitors to get familiar with FL soon. You can right click the NPCs, and there are some gifts for the attendees only.

Follow up, no matter what character you are in game, don’t forget to find the village head in the village center and swear to protect them. Then, he will give you a key and ask you to find the three chests in the basement containing equipment, weapon, and a pet egg.

What’s fun on Fairyland?

1. Addicting quests:
The scenes of Fairyland are taking place in a variety of fairy tales, which is the tale most of us are familiar with. All you have to do is talk to the NPCs you meet in game, and resolve their problems. You will be awarded the unexpected prizes and reputations in return.
2. Lovely pet’s collection:
Fairyland has more than 1,000 varieties of pets in the wild for you to capture and tame, or you can even fuse or merge them to create your very own unique pet that no one else have! When you build a close relationship with your pets, you can wear them as armor, enchant them on your weapon, have them fight for you, or even heal you in combats!
3. To make some quick and easy cash!
All you have to do is look for the basic work skill trainer in the newbie town and complete their starter quest. The trainer will provide you a working tool, and you will get 100 coins when you turn in the quest, PLUS you get to keep the products you made.
4. Try it first:
As soon as the village head lets you out of the town center, you can talk to the NPC standing by the door and take up an apprenticeship as journeyman, diviner, or soldier, you will be giving skills according to the class of your choice such as impact, shield, dodge, timber strike, speed etc. You can drop an apprenticeship anytime and try out something else during the period. When you are above level 10, you are eligible to join the occupation consortia finally by the process of the apprentice.

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