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Kingdom of Faerore
Race: Elf
Age: Over 300 years old
Height: 178cm
Body weight: 55kg

Past Background Grew up in Greenville, but in his childhood he once lived in BlueBird. But Because he was very young, he does not remember it very well.
Personal Nature Has an arrogant nature which the elf class is used to. Has a formidable sense of justice, but frequently considers himself always right and better then others. Therefore he often confuses others, not knowing whether to cry or laugh at what he is saying. He acts cold, but is actually very warm-hearted and loves his appearance.
Physical Characteristics Because he is picky about his food, he is rather thin.
Zodiac Gemini
Merits Is very versatile, judges people logically, his responses are keen, is able to get along in all social situations, is good with human relations, is very understanding when it comes to different circumstances, good with communication, has good vitality, and can tolerate stress.
Shortcomings Short tempered, fickle, weak to nervousness, does not work thoroughly, gets intense too easily, his will is not strong, makes people think he is not reliable, and is not wholly absorbed.



Kingdom of Faerore
Race: Elf
Age: Looks over 100 years old, but is quite young
Height: 170cm
Body weight: 45kg

Past Background She grew up in Redhood village and her family has protected Swan Lake for many generations. Because she is the only daughter, she is the natural candidate for the Water God's guardian.
Personal Nature Although the majority of elves are extremely graceful, Sissy is part of the minority that is not so graceful, but she is very lively, active and even a little mischievous at times.
Physical Characteristics She has yellow wavy hair, big lovely eyes and she often frequently winks her beautiful eyes. She is very thin, even for an elf. She likes the color blue, and therefore frequently wears blue clothes.
Zodiac Zodiac
Merits She is sincere, has great imagination, remembers old friendships, contains strength, is sympathizing, understanding and cares about others. Many people like her because she is so friendly.
Shortcomings Too easily swayed by her emotions. Often makes a decision without thinking. She walks with an attitude, but speaks very shyly, is defensive, and not able to face the facts.



Kingdom of Faerore
Race: Elf
Age: Unclear, possibly over 200 years old
Height: 176cm
Body weight: 55kg

Past Background Born in Greenville, and is engaged in the teaching field of work in Bluebird city, as is his father. His father, Fello, is the famous historical scholar in the kingdom. He learned a lot from his father.
Personal Nature He is extremely graceful and beautiful. He is gentle, studious, realistic and has a wide range of knowledge.
Physical Characteristics He has a very bright appearance and does not like it when his clothes get dirty. He always combs his hair neatly and is mild-mannered. He often meditates and sometimes begins to daze.
Zodiac Virgo
Merits Is not easily discouraged, is conscientious, does everything carefully and with discreetness, good at collecting materials, diligent, reliable, humble, doesn't exaggerate, makes precise observations, and is patient.
Shortcomings Goes to extremes very easily, talks incessently, very anxious, can't take criticism well, isn't very good with romantics, doesn't respect other people's dreams, and lacks foresight.



Kingdom of Faerore
Race: Elf
Age: 200 years old
Height: 175cm
Body weight: 49kg

Past Background Sylvia lives with her mother in Snow White Forest. She is very artistic and has been good at drawing since a young age. She is beautiful and extremely prominent in the elf class.
Personal Nature As she moves, she sends out a graceful enchanting feeling. She has a good temper and acts as an individual.
Physical Characteristics She is noble and graceful. She speaks slowly. Her attitude is moderate and sweet.
Zodiac Libra
Merits She believes all people should be treated with equality and justice. She is a connoisseurship and is an expert in diplomacy.
Shortcomings She is hesitant, easily affected by others, and doesn't have a strong will.