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If you wander around wildernesses or dungeons, you may randomly encounter wild beasts.

Below is the interface you will see during these encounters.


1. Your HP, MP, and Food bars. Above these, is a larger blue bar that it constantly shrinking, known as the Timer Bar. If the bar runs out before you decide on your actions, you will automatically attempt to defend.

2. Command Tabs. They are, from top to bottom:

  • Attack - Attack an enemy normally by clicking it.
  • Dodge - Forfeits action to attempt evasion.
  • Magic - Use your magic spells.
  • Skill - Use your special skills.
  • Item - Use potions, capsules, or event items in combat.
  • Pet - Forfeit your move to call out or withdraw a pet during combat.
  • Escape - Attempt to flee from combat.

3. The battle field. Enemies will always be on the left side, while you and your party will be on the right side. Putting the cursor over an enemy will show their name and level.

HP bars will also be visible under you and your party members. Also, putting the cursor over the HP bar will show their current HP/max HP.

Under each party member is a white circle. These circles turn gray when that person or pet has chosen his action.

4. The name and level of the character your cursor is hovering over.

5. The hotkey bar. Skills you've placed here can be quickly accessed by clicking them or using the F5-12 buttons on your keyboard.