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Information about Clans

Forming a Clan

  • To form a clan, you must be Level 20. You must also have 5000 points of fame as well. 50000 Cash is also needed.
  • The clan's name may not exceed 14 characters. You also shouldn't use any vulgar or offensive words in your clan name.

Upgrading a Clan

To upgrade a clan, the clan leader must turn in card folders that are completely filled with the correct cards. Each folder requires different cards, and the higher-level upgrades require more and more cards to complete. It is best that the clan works together to obtain these cards.

Active clans on Fairyland SnowWhite server

Most clans are active, people leave and people join, the clans can change, so keep in mind the list can be outdated or not updated recently. Tho, the community shall try to complete the list and keep it up to date.