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The world of Fairyland has three major occupations: Journeyman, Diviner and Warrior. A player can join the one of these occupations through an apprenticeship. When a player reach level 10, he/she may officially join the guild and take on one of the three classes they offers.

When you start off in Fairyland, you are just a mere Commoner, someone with no outstanding characteristics other than the ability to equip any type of equipment. Once you accomplish the Village Head's trial and set foot outside the Village Hall, there will be an NPC waiting near the doorway. He will explain about apprenticeships and some small details about the classes they offer. You may select which class to apprentice in when talking to him.

What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships could be considered "trial classes". You can take an apprenticeship anytime, so long as you are still a Commoner or Apprentice. Each apprenticeship offers its own set of basic skills, which can be leveled up if you use them. The apprenticeships also come with equipment restrictions, and if you are wearing the wrong type of equipment, you must disrobe before taking a new apprenticeship.

The Three Types of Apprenticeships

  • Apprentice Warrior

A Warrior-in-Training, who can perform basic warrior offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Available class at level 10: Axeman,Bladesman,Swordsman

Available Skills

Impact: Reckless attacks that do more damage, but leave the user vulnerable and unable to defend.

Shield: Allows blocking when carrying a shield.

Cannot Equip: Robe, Wand, Fighting Glove, Whip, Abacus

  • Apprentice Journeyman

A Journeyman-in-Training, who is somewhat agile.

Available class at level 10: Beastmaster, Martial Artist, Trader

Available Skills

Dodge: Increases evasion and allows you to trick enemies so they won't attack you.

Speed: Skills that allow you to increase speed and evasion.

Cannot Equip: Armor, Shield

  • Apprentice Diviner

A Diviner-in-Training, who can perform basic magic.

Available class at level 10: Mage, Acolyte of Light(AOL), Acolyte of Dark(AOD)

Available Skills

Magic Wand: Increases damage and accuracy when using wands or staves.

Prayer: Pray to restore MP at the cost of some HP when out of combat.

Available Spells

Timber Strike: Conjures a hammer that strikes an enemy for wood damage.

Enchant Blade: Improve the accuracy of an ally's attacks.

Cannot Equip: Armor, Leather Armor, Helm, Shield, Axe, Blade, Sword, Fighting Glove, Whip, Abacus

Berserker   Swordsage   Blademaster    Beastlord   KungFu Master  Merchant Prince  Architect of Light  Archmage Schemer of Darkness
      ^            ^            ^             ^              ^             ^                   ^             ^             ^
    Axeman      Swordman    Blademan     Beastmaster  Martial Artist    Trader          Acolyte of Light   Mage     Acolyte of Dark
      ^____________^____________^             ^______________^_____________^                   ^_____________^_____________^ 
                   ^                                         ^                                               ^
         Apprentice Warrior                        Apprentice Journeyman                           Apprentice Diviner

Terminating An Apprenticeship

If you are not satisfied with your current Apprenticeship, you can talk to the NPC by the Village Hall to terminate it. Once do this, you will become a Commoner again, and you may select a new apprenticeship. Keep in mind that you will lose all your previous apprenticeship skills, and any skill levels gained will not return even if you choose to retake the same apprenticeship.