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Advanced Looks can be obtained once you reach level 60 and change classes. The following are how each Advanced Look depending on what race you chose and which style. The picture here shows Diviner, Journeymen and Warrior forms.

Human Male Style 1 Human Male Style 1.jpg

Human Male Style 2 Human Male Style 2.jpg

Human Female Style 1 Human Female Style 1.jpg

Human Female Style 2 Human Female Style 2.jpg

Elf Male Style 1 Elf Male Style 1.jpg

Elf Male Style 2 Elf Male Style 2.jpg

Elf Female Style 1 Elf Female Style 1.jpg

Elf Female Style 2 Elf Female Style 2.jpg

Dwarf Male Style 1 Dwarf Male Style 1.jpg

Dwarf Male Style 2 Dwarf Male Style 2.jpg

Dwarf Female Style 1 Dwarf Female Style 1.jpg

Dwarf Female Style 2 Dwarf Female Style 2.jpg