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[edit] Silver Coin

Quest Requirment: 200 fame, Woolen Hat, Cloth Shoes

Quest Rewards: 5000 Gold

1. Talk to Poor Old Man [17:390]. He requires some food (Fried Chicken will do) (Option 1)

2. Talk to Cold Girl [13:291] and give her Woolen Hat (Option 1)

3. Talk to Barefooted Man [6:263] and give him Cloth Shoes (Option 1)

4. Go to [10:215] and right click the chest.

Note: The required items can be bought from stores

[edit] The Three Hermits

Quest Requirment: None?

Quest Rewards: Lvl 20 Necklace, 200 fame

1. Talk to Halley [16:253] (Option 1)

2. Talk to Troy[43:255] in Greenville.

3. Return the Wine to Halley [16:253]

4. Talk to Ryan in Hermit's House [30:38] (Option 1)

5. Fight Woodie in the upper or lower part of Rosen Lake for Slimy glue.

6. Return to Ryan in Hermit's House

7. Talk to Will (option 1)

8. Talk to Laudef [65:142]to get a magical ore (1.5k to buy) in Ilium. (Option 1) (This step is a timed quest, you have 4 in-game months to return the ore)

9. Return to Will to complete the quest.

Note: Slimey glue can also be found on Woodies in Slime Maze.

[edit] Apple Pie

Quest Requirment: None

Quest Rewards: 20 fame, Apple Cider

1. Talk to Tracy [30:338] (Option 1)

2. Bring her 10 apples.

3. Get Special honey from Gins [10:122]

4. Return to Tracy.

[edit] Who Is Killing The Forest?

Quest Requirment: None

Quest Rewards: 1000 coins, Lvl 15 Blade, 50 fame

1. Talk to Georgina [34:178]

2. Talk to Deesa [53:100]

3. Talk to Luki [48,205]

4. Fight a Wild Boar near the entrance to Greenville (southeast corner of the Smiling Forest map)

5. Talk to Georgina and Luki.

6. Talk to Ryan in Hermit's House [30:38]

[edit] Statue Of Summon

Quest Requirment: None

Quest Rewards: Monkey doll, 50 fame

1. Talk to the Monkey Bozo [90:152] (Option 1)

2. Defeat both Wolves (Lv.10).

3. Talk to the Monkey Bozo again.

[edit] Flowers For Love

Quest Requirment: None

Quest Rewards: Option 1 = Hunter's Delight / -50 Fame Option 2 = Lvl 50 Harvest Item, 50 Fame

1. Talk to Vincent [74:305] (Option 1)

2. Talk to Goldie [65:359]

3. Talk to Vincent

4. Give Fresh Flowers to Goldie (Chose option 2)

5. Talk to Vincent again.

Note: You can get Fresh Flowers from the "Hare And Tortoise" Quest in Bluebird.

[edit] The Shirian Mysteries

Quest Requirment: Complete the "Three Hermits" Quest, "Mysterious Room" Quest, and "Saving Miss Veggie" Quest

Quest Rewards: 500 Fame

1. Talk to Hermit Will (30:38), He will try to to dispell the scroll (Mysterious Room Quest). He'll take the dragon bone as well. (Wait several hours real time)

2. Hermit Will tells you to find Hamini the Wise in Goldburg Lake(71:169) for more info.

3. Talk to Hamini. He will want Sea eel rice (Lvl 70 cooking) and Yellow Fish Soup (Lvl 50 cooking) before he talks.

4. Give him the Sea Eel Rice and Yellow Fish Soup, and listen to his story.

5. Talk to Hermit Will. Hermit Will will go check out the Tanrana Taze, you have yo wait 7 days game time (168 Min).

6. Hermit Will, will tell you some new things. Get the quest items back and head over to the Tanrana maze. Find the witch in Tanrana maze (top left).

7. Fight the Holy Beast Idreus [Level 40].

8. Talk to the Witch, and recieve a scroll. Take it to Hamini the wise in GB Lake for more hints.

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