Schemer of Darkness

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[edit] Weakness

Requirement: Dark Magic level 65, Poison Cloud Location: Temple of Darkness Details: Uses 90mp to reduce the attack prowess of all mobs


- Talk to the Dark Sage, Temple of Darkness, Genie Desert (66, 199). He will tell you to get the Ring of Arson from a Golden vulture, Guru Island (random encounter, Golden Vulture - Lv 60 (10k hp) comes with 4x vulture - lv 50.

You may need to fight the Golden Vulture a few times before it will appear as an NPC for you to talk to him. Talk on the Golden Vulture and you will get the Ring of Arson.

- Take the Ring of Arson to Hamini the Wise, Goldburg Lake (71, 169). He will ask you to get him 2x vintage sorghum & 1x Fine Woolen Cloth. Give Hamini the items and the ring. He will then ask you to come back in 3 days' time (30 real time).

- Talk to Hamini the Wise and he will give you back a cleansed Ring of Arson. He will also tell you that the ring has to be given to the Dark Sage.

- Give the Ring of Arson to the Dark Sage. He will rub the ring and a "Dark Force" will come over you. The dark force is the King of Haunts, lv 60 (10k hp) with some ghosts, lv 50s.

- Defeat the King of Haunts. Talk to the Dark Sage and you will learn Enfeeble.

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