Rosen Lake Quests

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[edit] Mysterious Potion

Quest Requirment: Lvl 25

Quest Rewards: 5000 coins, level 3 capsule

Note: Return to the Witch in one month (game time) or you will lose one half of your HP.

1. Talk to the Witch [60:260]

2. Gather 3 items. - Spider's Leg from Evil Spider at Genie Desert - Sky Beast's Rotors from Golden Cloud at Crystal Mountain - Frog's Eye from TreeFrog at Frog Swamp

3. Return to the Witch after gathering all the items.

[edit] Pandora's Box

Quest Requirment: Lvl 30

Quest Rewards: 1500 Fame, Working Doll

1. Talk to Mad Old Man [44:74]

2. Talk to ? [6:86] in Crystal Mountain

3. Fight Snowman in Moonglow for Rice Pudding.

4. Go to Kitty Maze, north west of Pineapple Hill.

5. Right click Rice Pudding to gain entrance of Kitty Maze.

6. Defeat Blue Kitty (Lv.70) for a chance at obtaining Mirror.

7. Go to Nameless Cave, south west corner of Crystal Mountain.

8. Right click Mirror to gain entrance to Nameless Cave.

9. Defeat A Guy (Lv.70) on Lv.7 to get Pandora's Box.

10. Return to Mad Old Man and give him Pandora's Box.

Right after you entered the cave after you used the mirror, Go to the star at: TL(1), BL(2), TL(3), BR(4) ,BL(5), BL(the nameless boss). Where TL means top left, BR means bottom right and so on.

Note: A Guy can hit you for 3k with life alter.

Note2: If leader completes the quest the whole group does.

Note3: If you exit the room, you exit the cave.

Note4: Every Single Person must have a Mirror and use it before entering the maze and then join the leader, otherwise they loose the chance to fight the main boss. However if just leveling or capturing pets you do not need to disband, one person with the mirror is enough to get in.

If multiple people needing to complete the quest are in the same party, when the guy is killed you all complete the quest. Each person will have to take turns talking to the guy, when you speak to the guy he will dissapear. Wait till the guy reapears for the next person to talk so on and so on till everyone has the box. (No further combat then that first battle)

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