Northern Grassland Quests

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[edit] Clever Werewolf

Requirements: Level 15

Rewards: 200 Fame

1. Talk to Clever Werewolf (112:47)

2. Talk to Old Lion (8:35) in Slime Maze 1

3. Return to the Clever Werewolf (112:47)

4. Go and Fight the Old Lion (8:35) (Level 20)

5. Return the Lion Whisker to the Clever Werewolf and the quest is complete.

NOTE:If you make fun of him the first time you speak with the werewolf he will be insulted and request 10 beef (LvL 15 hunting item) when you bring it to him you will get 30 fame and he will ask you to enter the cave again.

[edit] Ghost Town

Requirements: None

Rewards: Map of Sleepy Town

1. Talk to Vins in his house.

2. He will give you three options:

-First choice you retrieve medicine for him and he gives you the map as a reward
-Second option you can buy the map for 10000 coins.
-Third option you buy the map for 8000 coins.

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