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[edit] Journey To Ilium

Quest Requirements: none

Quest Rewards: Teleport Service to Picardo (79:88)

2.send the letter to to Norma (76:152)

3.after talk to Norma, Return and talk to Sirth then the quest is complete

PS.10 lvl below is free ,start from lvl 11 start need pay price(level X 10)

[edit] Home Sick

Quest Requirements: level 13 above

Quest Rewards: 100 reputation ,2500 coins to Mort (50:192)

2.go talk with Dessa(53:96) in smiling forest

3.bring 10 peach and 10 peppermint to Tracy (30:338)

4.go back find Tracy after 2 month later and bring her 500 coins to Mort

[edit] Axe Lover

Quest Requirements: 50 fame / level 10 above

Quest Rewards: 1 Hand Axe , 50 reputation

1.Willis (103:127) want you to send a scroll to Daker at Ilium Blacksmith( 49:180)

2.go back to Willis and he will need toy bring 10 iron ingot to him

3.bring Willis 10 iron ingot and the quest is complete

[edit] The Gambler

Quest Requirements: level 7 above

Quest Rewards: 3000 exp point , 50 fame , coral necklace to Jessica (43:467) then go Ilium to find Pellaso (29:55)

2.then go back Goldburg to find Guise The Gambler (114:452 to learn some tricks

3. go tell Jessica what you learn

4.go The Tavern (57:294) find Reiley

5.go back tell Jessica about her husband and your quest is complete

[edit] Mulan's Request

Quest Requirements: level 10 above

Quest Rewards: 3000 exp point , 50 reputation to Mulan (89:296)

2.give her 10 apple ,10 lesser healing potion and 4 iron ingot and the quest is complete

[edit] Tooth Problem

Quest Requirements: 200 fame /level 12 above

Quest Rewards: 100 reputation , level 2 capsule

1.Rupert (69:157) wants you go take a pill from Dr.Don (58:500)

2.go find Jeffy (118:336) then go out side of Goldburg find Granny Evy (126:51) (northeast of Goldburg)

3.go take 3 bottle from Jeffy

4.go find fresh bear liver out side blue bird ,poli blood at southern glassland and slimy glue at rosen lake

5.bring those item to Granny to make potion

6.bring the potion to Rupert and the quest complete

[edit] The Perfect Marriage

Quest Requirements: 20 level above

Quest Rewards: 400 reputation ,level 2 capsule

1. Talk with Baron Rufus (66,88),and he want you help him go find Hamini (70:170) at Goldburg lake

2. Report to Baron Rufus after talk to Hamini

3. Go find Risa the Matchmaker inside of Rosemary's House (92,250) and she will ask you go back find her after 2 months later. (1 day in real life.)

4. Talk to Risa 2 months later, and report to Baron Rufus

[edit] Lost Lamb

Quest Requirements: level 20 above

Quest Rewards: 100 reputation ,1 malachite necklace to Joanna (135:486) at outside of Goldburg

2.go find the red lamb (8:226) at Genie Desert

3.defeat Reco then go back tell Joanna and the quest is complete

[edit] So Far From Home

Quest Requirements: level 27 above

Quest Rewards: 500 reputation , 1 level 2 capsule with Calvin and Freddy (7:230) at out side of Goldburg

2.go find Coya in Ilium

3.ask Halberg about Vira

4.go to Genie Desert save Vina need fight Yuri The Bandit (level 30 with 3 beasts) win or lose and also talk with Vira and she will promise to go home to Freddy and the quest is complete

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