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List of character and profile in Alphabetical order. :).

1. Edit this page and post your name under the right letter. Then save.

2. Open this template_for_personal_profile in a new window, click on edit,select all and copy the text in it.

3. Now click on your nickname in the list below, a new page will open up. Paste the template in there and start filling it!

4. To upload your character picture, click on the left hand side upload picture and upload.

5. To embed your picture(s), click on the Embed Image button in the edit box to see Image:Example.jpg. Change the Example.jpg to the name of your uploaded image.Eg: Image: BabyJulia.jpg, Image: Nevje.jpg.

Note: Remember to change your picture to .jpg and resize it using paint or other photo editing too.



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