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[edit] Dwarves

[edit] Rowen


Kingdom of Graf
Race: Dwarf
Age: About 60 ~ 70 years old
Height: 150cm
Body weight: 50kg

Past Background Rowen is from Yi Li Village and he is the youngest in the family. Rowen's family have been known as renowned miners for generations and are very rich.
Personal Nature Spends money trivially, does not look like a dwarf, has unusual optimism, very arrogant because of his family's rich background and is thus never concerned about financial difficulties. Although he is a dwarf, his behavior and mannerisms are not that of a dwarf. Has lots of friends. He is one that does not like dwarves, is very loud, but because his family is rich, although very many dwarves do not approve his behavior manner, he still has many friends.
Physical Characteristics Round shaped face, rough and solid eyebrows. Shoulder length curly hair, looks young for a dwarf. Clothes look the same (since his family is rich, he never plans his spending). Looks short but not plump.
Zodiac Sagittarius
Merits Happy go lucky, idealistic, honest and frank, good sense of humor, loves peace, friendly and helpful, understands the art of philosophy.
Shortcomings Careless, candid, easily offends other people's feelings, is impatient, never thinks twice before committing to action, never listens to advice; daydreams, unrealistic thinking, lack of order, short-temper.

[edit] Kate


Kingdom of Graf
Race: Dwarf
Age: 60+ years old
Height: 145cm
Body weight: 45kg

Past Background Kate lives in "Goldburg" and grew up in a simple family.
Personal Nature Has a standard dwarves disposition, is diligent and thrifty, is honest, a little greedy, handles matters discretely, usually self-centered, does not really understand or care about other people, is practical.
Physical Characteristics Fair skin, has a neat and tidy look, is not concerned about fashion and outlook, stocky, looks cute and charming with big eyes, has a lot of admirers. She craves wealth and therefore has chosen to pursue it.
Zodiac Capricorn
Merits Excellent tolerance for others, honest, always willing, follows rules and regulations, disciplined and has strong family ties.
Shortcomings Too realistic, is not optimistic enough, tenacious, very egotistic, stubborn, is not inclined to romance, gives herself too much pressure, peruses her own goals, intolerant of others sometimes.

[edit] Jason


Kingdom of Graf
Race: Dwarf
Age: 150 ~ 200 years old
Height: 150cm
Body weight: 60kg

Past Background Jason grew up in "Moonlight Village" and comes from a miner family. he is the eldest child in the family.
Personal Nature Has extreme patience, is a dwarf of few words, capable in planning and is always willing.
Physical Characteristics Stubborn appearance, sleepy eyes, serious, discrete appearance, has a standard dwarf stature (stocky), thick and untidy purple hair, wears simple but tidy clothes.
Zodiac Taurus
Merits Full of patience, honest, good in planning, persistent, pursues peace whenever possible, stable life, trustworthy.
Shortcomings Indulgent, easily jealous, stubborn, does not understand cooperation and teamwork, perfectionist, lack of humor, lack of acceptance.

[edit] Tiffany


Kingdom of Graf
Race: Dwarf
Age: About 120 years old
Height: 150cm
Body weight: 50kg

Past Background Tiffany's family owns a renowned merchant company in "Goldburg" and is thus very rich. She is the eldest daughter in the family.
Personal Nature She is stubborn, selfish and does not listen to advice. Her favorite color is gold, therefore she wears gold jewelry and accessories. She looks uncouth for a human but in dwarf terms, she has a cool and comfortable look. She often shows off her gold jewelry to others so that she may feel beautiful but her actions often make others uncomfortable.
Physical Characteristics Pretty girl with long pink hair.
Zodiac Aquarius
Merits Advocates freedom, creativity and innovation, has good judgment, imaginative, independent and stylish. Has a good sense of loyalty.
Shortcomings Does not seem enthusiastic, too idealistic, does not have principles, often too curious at times, lack of self-confidence, fickle-minded, does not have ambition and tenacity, too realistic and no sense of humor.
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