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[edit] Chinese New Year Event 2009

January 22,2009 - February 5,2009

This Fairyland Event is called the Chinese New Year and it is the Year of the Bull.

There will be an npc called Elder Bull in Rainbow City, Bluebird, and Goldburg.

The object of the event is to go around in their suburb area and look for npcs called Greeting Calfs.Like the Jealous Santa Event,they spawn in familiar places.However this time you do not have to fight them.All you have to do is talk to them and receive a Couplet per Greeting Calf.The type of Couplet you receive is random.

Gong Couplet (For Gong Title)

He Couplet (For He Title)

Xi Couplet (For Xi Title)

Xin Couplet (For Xin Title)

You must collect Couplets for the four titles:

Image:Gongtitle.gifGong Title - 2000 points
Image:Hetitle.gifHe Title - 2000 points
Xi Title - 3000 points
Xin Title - 3000 points

Each Couplet is 10 points a piece.For example let's say you have 20 Gong Couplets.That would be 200 Gong Points to get the Gong Title.The Couplets DO NOT add all together for just one title.

Here are the known spawn points for the following cities.If you found another spawn point that is not pointed out here and would like to contribute,please save the file and point it in any way as you like :).

Rainbow City(Suburbs)


Image of Rainbow City Suburbia and Goldburg Suburbia is from Fairyland Iron Wolves

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