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Make sure you have already learned party bless and have changed to the Advanced Class before you begin your level 60 light magic quests.

[edit] Holy Star

1) Talk to the Light Sage in the Light Temple in Western Grassland and say you would like to learn a skill.

2) Then find Budami in Moonglow (10:33) and give him 25 Opal Ores. (You can hunt Opal Ores at Sleepy Hallow)

3) Talk to Kagi in Moonglow (43:71)

4) Go find the shards on Hachoo Island, Tulip Island, Hearsay Island, and Rose Island. You have to do so by fighting the creatures on there. You are allowed to bring others with you to fight, but the AOL must be the leader.

5) Bring the Shards to the Light Sage during the night (in game.) He will read the Shards and you will learn Holy Star.

[edit] Angel's Call

Requirement: Learnt Holy Star, Advance Class
Location: Temple of Light (9,95), Western Grassland
Detail: To revive a single dead party member and recovers about 1k hp. Uses 120 mp.

Procedure: - Talk to Light Sage (23,36) Temple of Light , Western Grassland. - Find Carl (161,538), Bluebird, and ask Carl about the Book of Light Spells. Ensure that you have space in your inventory. - Take Carl's Silk Robe and go to the Repair Shop in the (random) cities. The NPC will repair it.

You will need 9 Silk Cloth, 3 Platinum Ingot, 6 Silk Yarn and cash for the repairs

- Return the Silk Robe to Carl (161,538), Bluebird. - Find an Archmage and a Sword Sage to party with (Architech of Light must be party leader) to encounter the Lion King (Lv 60). - Defeat the Lion King and return to Carl. - Talk to the Light Sage during the night time so that he can read the shards and you will learn Angel’s Call.

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