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[edit] Acolyte of Light

Beginner Class

Icon Spell Name Light Magic Level Mana Cost Spell Type Explanation
Image:Recovery.jpg Recovery 1 10 Healing Restore HP to [self,party member,[pets-inside/outside battle],or [any other players-outside combat only].
Image:Bless.jpg Bless 5 8 Buff Randomly increases damage, accuracy, or evasion for a few turns.
Image:Bridge_of_Light.jpg Bridge of Light 10 10 Non-Combat Returns your party to your respawn point/Healer. Only usable outside of combat.
Image:Revive.jpg Revive 15 30 Healing Revives a fallen party member during combat.
Image:Regeneration.jpg Regeneration 15 40 Healing Restores a party member's HP each turn.
Image:Holy_Word.jpg Holy Word 20 20 Damage Attack a single enemy for Light damage.
Image:Holy_Light.jpg Holy Light 25 50 Buff Increases your party's evasion.
Image:Guardianship.jpg Guardianship 30 10 Support Removes any negative party member status to normal [silence/paralyze/frozen]
Image:Blade_in_Faith.jpg Blade in Faith 35 70 Buff Increases your party's accuracy.
Image:Rainbow_Bridge.jpg Rainbow Bridge 40 40 Non-Combat Teleports your party to any place that you have visited. You can set three points to teleport to. Only usable outside of combat. [teleport points restricted to certain islands, special caves, and places]
Image:HolyGlow.gif‎ Holy Glow 45 20 Healing Restores more HP than the spell "healing", but same principle.
Image:Holy Blast.jpg Holy Blast 45 25 Damage Attack a cluster of enemies for heavy Light damage.[ignores magic defense]

[edit] Architect of Light

Level 60 Requirement to learn these Spells and Class Change to Architect of Light

Icon Spell Name Light Magic Level Mana Cost Condition Additional Effects Explanation
Image:Miracle.jpg Miracle 50 40 In & Out of Combat Heals / Character Status Restores more HP than the spells "healing/Holy Glow", but same principle.
Image:CherubicChorus.gif‎ Cherubic Chorus 55 150 In & Out of Combat Heals / Character Status Summons chorus of angels to Heals all in party.
Image:HolyGhost.gif‎ Holy Ghost 60 40 Strategy Character Status Blesses all in party.
Image:AngelCall.gif‎ ‎ Angel Call (Quest)60 120 Bring to Life Character Status Summons an angel to revive and partly heal a target.
Image:HolyStar.gif‎ ‎ Holy Star (Quest)60 200 Bring to Life Character Status All who are engulfed by the star will be revived and partly healed.
Image:RoG.gif‎ ‎ Rain Of Grace 65 175 Attack Spell Offensive Attack Deals damage to a row of mobs giving part of the damage dealt back to your whole party.[will heal party even if the attack has missed]
Image:Spellsbane.gif‎ Praying Shield 65 100 Strategy Character Status Increases magic defence for all members in the party. Currently does not give LM EXP.
Image:RegenParty.gif‎ Party Regeneration 70 100 Strategy Character Status Increases the hp regeneration for the entire party.
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