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   [author] Kohaku (09/09/2008)

Gingerbread Man

Visiting Maple Fruit Forest :D
   [author] strikerz (04/07/2008)

The Final Skill- sword of the dragon

Upon the heavenly skies,
A dragon that was said to be a legend,
The King that ruled the world,
I call upon u now,

my mighty king,



Incense and strikerz:
its over for the enemy..
Victory~ is ours =)
   [author] Cherry (03/24/2008)

Joe(Deadling), and I finally getting married <3.
We've waited since U.S. Fairyland to do so, and it was very special to me because it was Fairyland that brought us together.
   [author] ChenMW (03/20/2008)

find keys to open treasure for a random big dolls
   [author] Kohaku (03/19/2008)

Battle Shot

Ice Dragon

The best Archmage spell :D Finally EC:56 !!!