08/26/2019 Fairyland Online will shut down permanently on December 30, 2019
09/01/2009 Poke your destiny! Here it comes again~ Get a special bonus item!
01/21/2009 Vote for Reader's Choice Award 2008 on MMOSITE!
12/04/2008 Check this out~ Q-Pets available skills!!
07/03/2008 Reinforce-able stats
12/13/2007 Acolyte of Light (AOL) back to the hood!!!
11/23/2007 AOL is coming back in the near future !
11/02/2007 Fairyland [Free-to-Play] English version - a refreshing in-game experience now up-to-date!
11/01/2007 Fairyland [Free-To-Play] English version will start its beta test from 1st Nov. 2007, 8:00am (GMT).