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08/07/2008 Newbie Helpers are coming back~
08/06/2008 Final article contribution contest winners announced! The tiptop article is up on the new topic of FL sparkling star. Please read!
07/31/2008 Chinese Valentines day in game event is here~!
07/16/2008 The winners show off now. Who will be the next FL star???
07/07/2008 Super Value Newbie Package is available to purchase. A favored way to go now!
07/02/2008 Extraordinary talent FL wallpaper/signature profile & exclusive ad banners are now free to download.
06/24/2008 Contributions for FL newsletter wanted! A great chance to unveil your real live pic
06/17/2008 Cookie's 1 vs 1 PK tournament
06/03/2008 FL wallpaper/signature design contest poll has already commenced.
05/20/2008 We want to reward you! Planning and hosting your own special event in game & get token prize!!
05/19/2008 Announcement for the ROUND 1 stay alive event
05/16/2008 Hide and Seek!!
05/12/2008 Test your Fairyland knowledge and win a big prize!
05/07/2008 Wallpaper and Signature profile designer contest!
04/23/2008 Here it comes again! Spelling quiz contest on 28th April.
04/18/2008 Spelling Quiz contest invitation!
04/17/2008 The recommendation event winner list is out! Check it out now!
04/10/2008 4 days left to get the free giveaway from the recommendation event
03/31/2008 Announcement to all participants at today's event.
03/25/2008 Edit WIKI, that's really something! Show off your FL knowledge and proudly displays your work with others.