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05/07/2009 Love Fairyland msn event is up. Get FREE game Tokens everyday!!
03/13/2009 Celebrating the white Valentine's day~
03/02/2009 Lucky Bid on Fairyland, Part V-Super Toy Soldier
02/23/2009 Lucky bid on Fairyland, Part IV- Super Red Panda
02/16/2009 Lucky bid on Fairyland, Part III-Super Blackie
02/11/2009 Lucky bid on Fairyland, Part II-Super Fire Punk Pig
02/05/2009 Lucky bid on Fairyland, Part I-Super Demon Commander
02/04/2009 Get lucky in February! Bid for the lowest price of Super-Pet on Fairyland.
01/15/2009 Chinese New Year event is finally here!
01/02/2009 Calling for ALL title artists~~!!
12/25/2008 Santa's late xmas party.
12/19/2008 Transformation party invitation from the land of OZ
12/19/2008 Xmas TP party anyone?
12/16/2008 X'mas tree, Here I come!!
12/16/2008 Home peace, World peace??!
10/23/2008 Halloween in game event is here~!
10/22/2008 The top 5 winners of Q-Pet election are in! Take a look~ Who is the Kulala pet's winner?
10/14/2008 Vote for your favorite special pet from now until 20th October, and get chance to win a Kulala pet in game!
10/02/2008 20 free raffle tickets are here with you. Grasp a chance to win the big prize
08/08/2008 A snowman's request: Case of missing cards mission