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09/21/2009 Senior FLers wanted! Team up with a newbie and get FREE 100 game points!
09/10/2009 Materials List on 9/11, 2009 (GMT)
09/09/2009 Materials List on 9/10, 2009 (GMT)
09/08/2009 Materials List on 9/9, 2009 (GMT)
09/07/2009 Materials List on 9/8, 2009 (GMT)
09/04/2009 Materials List on 9/7, 2009 (GMT)
08/26/2009 Warm up the Chinese Lover's Day~ Let's get started on accelerating your EXP for one week!
08/11/2009 Pet Cart competition comes up the top three winners
08/03/2009 Pre-announcement: New map, Harvest Island, officially launches soon!
07/02/2009 Problem fixed and now PK contest is ready to go!
06/17/2009 Play the game of scissors, rock, paper, and win a special pet!!
06/10/2009 Get a Pet toy for FREE! Here is HOW~!
06/05/2009 Event: 2v2 PK contest (postponed)
06/05/2009 Event: Gingerbread man cookie contest resubmission
06/04/2009 Item Mall Promotion
06/03/2009 Event: A Comic Strip Contest
06/03/2009 Event: Cookie making contest winners!! (New winners added)
05/25/2009 WANTED: New pet toy banner
05/11/2009 Event: Cookie making contest!!
05/07/2009 Love Fairyland msn event is up. Get FREE game Tokens everyday!!