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03/06/2008 Policy Violation: Game ID restriction
02/25/2008 Spam and Vulgarity Report
02/25/2008 Policy Violation: Spam and Vulgarity
02/20/2008 Policy Violation: Account Sharing
02/19/2008 Please Do NOT Share Account!!
02/18/2008 An announcement to the couples who just got married during 9th ~15th Feb. 2008
02/06/2008 Happy Chinese new year~ Lager is going to take a long holiday from 6/2~11/2
01/17/2008 Priest is closed
01/16/2008 Weekly Maintenance will extend one more hour on 17th Jan. 2008
01/03/2008 A new program of newbie instructor- What is it used for?
01/02/2008 New character-Pink snow monster shows up from 3rd Jan. to 13th Feb. 2008.
12/26/2007 You can login now
11/12/2007 Quest Bug: Animal's Home - the missing quest item "Scroll of Dispel"
11/07/2007 An announcement to former Fairyland characters' transmission
11/07/2007 The official representative is called "Lager Network"
11/07/2007 Share your information on the opening Fairyland forum. Welcome to report any ideas or Bug issue on it!
11/07/2007 Quest Bug: Axe Lover - the missing NPC "Daker"