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03/06/2009 Extention to the Final lucky bid's End time!!
02/10/2009 Final check for the title submission
01/23/2009 lv75 Dreamlike set is back~ Grasp your last chance to pick one up by surprise!!
01/21/2009 The brand new official forum is almost ready to go!
01/21/2009 Chinese New Year Holiday
01/20/2009 Watch out for the scam website!
01/12/2009 Pre-announcement: lv75 dreamlike suite will be for sale again!
01/06/2009 Say goodbye to Year 2008! Limited offer, special limited-edition coupon, to the FL VIP
01/02/2009 Server down time
12/23/2008 2008 X'mas special package: Santa Claus comes to your world!
12/16/2008 A missing member of Dorothy's party is here!!
12/02/2008 Click here to join the land of OZ transformation party!!
11/27/2008 Wondering how to pay without credit card? PayByCash is out now
11/26/2008 Worldpay payment system has been updated
11/25/2008 You Share, You're BANNED
11/18/2008 Little bodies may have great souls!! FL Spirit is now up on the Q-Pets list.
11/04/2008 Q-Pets Package No.2, is ready to go, Special Fairy Pets.
10/31/2008 Special Kitty package will be closed on November 3rd ,2008 (GMT)
10/31/2008 Halloween reward equipment bug (updated)
10/30/2008 Happy 1st Birthday to Fairyland~ Free present for everybody!