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11/27/2008 Wondering how to pay without credit card? PayByCash is out now
11/26/2008 Worldpay payment system has been updated
11/25/2008 You Share, You're BANNED
11/18/2008 Little bodies may have great souls!! FL Spirit is now up on the Q-Pets list.
11/04/2008 Q-Pets Package No.2, is ready to go, Special Fairy Pets.
10/31/2008 Special Kitty package will be closed on November 3rd ,2008 (GMT)
10/31/2008 Halloween reward equipment bug (updated)
10/30/2008 Happy 1st Birthday to Fairyland~ Free present for everybody!
10/30/2008 Emergency restart
10/24/2008 Q-pets Package No. 1 (Happy Halloween) is ready to go ~
10/22/2008 Special promotion ends 27th of Nov!
09/30/2008 NPC conversation bug report
09/30/2008 One day left! Ultimate Mater package Sale ends today.
09/10/2008 Policy Violation: Scamming
09/08/2008 The release of FL article, Fried Chicken- a store about four heroes, is at the end. Drop by and take a look!
08/21/2008 How to claim your missing items from package.
08/15/2008 Connection issues.
08/14/2008 Chinese Valentines day in game event
08/07/2008 Strut your stuff with the most fabulous dreamlike set is available to buy now!
08/07/2008 Looking to meet more friends in FL? The server is all in one now.