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06/18/2009 Time wrong of Purple War was already corrected
06/18/2009 Exchange pet toy single lens binocular
06/12/2009 Emergency restart
06/11/2009 It's time to get your 50% payment back at MY SHINING BOX!
06/11/2009 MUST-OWN Toy Box is buy one get one free now!
06/03/2009 The prize for toy shop banner designer
05/05/2009 Login error has been fixed
05/04/2009 Login error : game client freeze after choosing character
04/28/2009 Login error
04/27/2009 Extended scheduled maintenance
04/23/2009 Item recall notice: Sin Gotterdammerung Staff
04/16/2009 Announcement: The winners list of the Recommendation Event
04/14/2009 Payment option update: Cherry Credits makes it easier to pay now!
04/02/2009 Emergency restart
03/20/2009 Recommend FL to your friends, and gain a nice gift from Lager
03/17/2009 Lovers gift box is here! Get ready to warm up your relationships?
03/06/2009 Extention to the Final lucky bid's End time!!
02/10/2009 Final check for the title submission
01/23/2009 lv75 Dreamlike set is back~ Grasp your last chance to pick one up by surprise!!
01/21/2009 The brand new official forum is almost ready to go!