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12/03/2009 Minimize Item Released!
11/26/2009 Emergent Server Reset
11/19/2009 Fairyland IQ TEST Emergent Terminated
11/11/2009 Cherry Credit is going to adjust the pricing model on Dec 1st 2009!
10/15/2009 Emergency Connection Maintenance Note
10/09/2009 Way to get your reward from PK 1 on 1 Event
09/25/2009 Beward of suspicious program!!
09/10/2009 New outfits: The unparalleled level of Lv80 Dreamlike gears are up at Fairy Mall
09/04/2009 Bug found of Third Warehouse
09/03/2009 Special Promotion: FL's hard working pack
08/28/2009 Emergency Official Site Maintenance
08/27/2009 Harvest Island: emergency postponed
08/13/2009 Mixing Cart Pack is now available to order ~
08/06/2009 Event: Assemble Pet Cart competition (postponed)
08/03/2009 Join Assemble Pet Cart competition & win token prize and a brand new cart package!
07/30/2009 FL Vending Machine! Cool down with summer drinks
07/10/2009 FL PK Contest Awards 2009 Winners List
07/02/2009 Make your gears stronger, All-conquering pack is on sale now!
06/25/2009 Item Mall promotion: Mr. Magic package is here to help you out!
06/24/2009 Make sure your account and password is safe!