04/03/2008 Pay with PayPal, no problem at all now!
  Hi everyone,

Sorry for keeping you wait for so long. Now you can purchase FL game points with PayPal!

There's no hurry, please read carefully the following tips before you place an order.

Firstly, please use your game account's email to register a PayPal account. Yes!Yes! I am sure that your Fairyland account's email address is much easier to memorize. So, if you have already had one PayPal account, why not go and register a new PayPal account.
Secondly,please read carefully of our Refund and Cancellation Policy! Once your order is completed successfully, your payment can not be refunded for any reason.
Thirdly,to avoid any fraud and scams, please do not share your PayPal account with others. Keep your password secret~
Finally,Lager reserves the rights to change the method of payment.

Welcome to visit Lager Payment page and have a good shopping spree!