03/25/2008 Edit WIKI, that's really something! Show off your FL knowledge and proudly displays your work with others.
  Welcome to join us. You all are fabulous Fairyland gamers. We're so pleased that everyone has been playing Fairyland for so long. The new function of WIKI is going to offer the most specific guides for all guests. However, the contents of WIKI need your professional input. Fairyland WIKI is all about sharing knowledge and experience. I believe that you will accomplish a meaningful mission for constructing a powerful Fairyland guide. Please assist us to complete FL WIKI one by one.


1.Please goto WIKI main page, and click one topic that you would like to edit.
2.Key in your forum ID and password to login.

Your rewards:
As a thank you for completing the WIKI contents, the Queen Rose Title will be given if your work is appropriate and most contributing for the subjects, if both of these conditions above are met. The winners' list will be announced on FL News page from the first day of notification to respond to claim your prize for each month.

Judgment criteria
1.Post a WIKI topic, and gain 1 point. Edit more and get more points!
2.If the content is completed and appropriate, 0.5 point will be added.
3.If the content is incomplete or unrelated, 0.5 point will be deducted.
4.If your total scores are up to 10 (10 included), the prize will be yours.

Please note:
There's no limited number of winners. So be positive, everybody has a chance to get this title. You will become a paramount FL WIKI master, so why not go ahead and fill the empty spaces straight away!

1.Please don't spam or put unrelated articles on WIKI contents.
2.Your contribution should be thoughtful on topic and respectful of others.
3.You're very welcome to redirect your own previous post on FL forum to FL WIKI.

Let's share your love with others and increase the integrity of FL WIKI now!

Lager reserves the right to edit and/or remove any inappropriate submission without notice.