10/29/2018 Halloween in game event is now available !!!
  In Lans's house, Sarah the maid has a big grin on her face, knowing that the Halloween is
almost here and the master is going to cast a spell to turn this house into a spooky space,
she needs to hurry up and finish all the preparation for the magical moment.
All in a sudden a Mad Kitty jumped into the room and stole all Sarah's ornaments !!!
Can you help Sarah to catch this nauthty kitty and get her ornaments back
so she can finish the decoration in time?

[Event Time]

2018/10/29(Mon) after maintenance ~ 2018/11/12(Mon) before maintenance


1. The quest is only available to characters created before 2018/10/22 11:00 AM(GMT)
2. Player must be Lv 10+ to do this quest


All the left over ornaments will be removed by the system during maintenance on 2018/11/12.


1. "Mysterious Firework" - when you set off the special firework, you will be transformed
    into a random pet for 24 hours!
2. The reward gears can be reinforced and refined like all other gears.
    BUT we suggest not to do so as it will LOWER the stats.
3. Halloween Ribbon is a necklaces
4. you don't actually have to "fight" the kitty, all you have to do is to find it
    (don't worry, there are still a lot of kitties around). This means you don't have to
    finish a battle (like the duckies before) to move on.
5. The kitties are NOT at the blue bird and rainbow city's inner area.
    So, if you take a walk around in Bluebird suburbia and Rainbow city suburbia,
    you should be able to find the kitties.