05/09/2013 Mothers Day is coming
  Mothers Day is coming!!
Just talk to NPC-Activity Organizer and you have chance to win Beast Card, Fighting Doll, Capsule or Beast Doll.
Event time: May 9 16:00 (GMT+8) - May 23 15:00(GMT+8)

Two parts of event:
1. Part one: Lucky draw
You win a lucky draw chance if you are online during event period. Just talk to NPC - Activity Organizer.
*Qualified players: Character had created before 23:59 May 8, 2013.

2. Part two: Secret package
You receive a secret package from system if you are online and stay in the game during event period.
Stay longer, get more secret packages.
You can find different color carnation in the package.
Collect various carnation as NPC- - Activity Organizer request, you win a lucky draw chance.
Collect more packages and get more lucky draw chances.
*Qualified players: Character had created before 23:59 May 8, 2013.

1. Secret package can be dropped, stacked and stored but not exchanged.
2. Carnation can be dropped, stacked, stored and exchanged.
3. If you are not online or short of package space, you will not get the secret package.