12/18/2009 Winners of Mini Event
  Dear FLers,

Hi! We appreciate your participation for the Mini Event.
We have received many great works and it's really hard to choose the best three.
However, we are going to show you the creations of top three winners!

1st place: Nishihara

2nd place: Zelthor&wisteria

3nd place: Cathie

For all the winners, please check your SHINING BOX to receive your rewards (one mini essential package and one special pet).

Here are the other creations from the participators:
Created by: Zelthor&wisteria

Created by: Nishihara

Created by: Veryl&Ivi

Created by: Ariel Lin (nick name)

Created by: Mystie

Created by: Killersmoke&Veronica

For all the participators we will give you one Minimize Puff and one Pet Minimize Food as additional rewards! (except for the winners on the above list)
Please check your SHINING BOX to receive your rewards.
Thank you for all your effort again, hope you enjoy the event.

Lager team, 2009/12/17