12/03/2009 OH, My! Mini Essential Pack
  We know you guys are thrill to try the brand new game items and want to figure out what does it work on your game character or pets. Thus, Lager wrapped all the new things up at the best price between and
Yes, you are right! It's 30% off discount for the new gadgets. Try it on, and create your own ideas with other FLers in your inimitable way to show off your in-game family.

Take a look at what we offer:
New released items:
* Minimize Puff
* Pet Minimize Food
* Body Recover Puff
* Pet Body Recover Cookie

Retail Price: $113
On Sale Period: Dec. 3rd ~ Dec. 17th, 2009
* Minimize Puff x 1
* Pet Minimize Food x 3
* Body Recover Puff x 1
* Pet Body Recover Cookie x 1
* Transformation potion x 1

On sale price: 79 token

Right now, the new special package is available to buy at Fairy Mall. Seize this special offer and give you and your pets a different look.