12/03/2009 Oh, my! I blew up the Fairy World!
  Dear all,

New event comes again! We got some in-game new gadgets for you to make some more fun in the Fairy World.
This time, the prizes are pretty nice for the top 3 winners . So, read the following rules carefully before taking this challenge for your chance to win!
Entry Requirements
* Minify your game character and pets
* Try to find the best place you could reach in the Fairyland
* Take a family photo (screenshot) with your love words for your pets or your team spirit slogan on it.
* Send your creation to Lager before Dec. 17th, 2009 (GMT 23:59).
Top 3 winners' reward:
* Pet Body Recover Cookie x3
* 1x Special Japaneses Princess (from 3 of 7 element, random choice)
How to get your rewards:
* Event period: From Dec. 3rd (GMT 08:00) to Dec. 17th, 2009 (GMT 23:59).
* The winners' list will be given on Dec. 18th (before GMT 09:00) at the Lager's discretion.
Your prize will be display on MY SHINING BOX after the announcement is made by Lager team.

Also, it's much more fun to ask the NPC Flora, the Intern Enchantress, at Witch Makeup Saloon in Emerald City (82,202) to change your character's look and take part in the event. All you need to do is just try your luck playing Magic Slot, and win a one day trial ticket. She will cast a spell on you and change your appearance into a NPC for 24 hours.
So, don't miss the opportunity to pitch your creative ideas and art work to us. We can't wait to see a bunch of mini creations scattered around the Fairy World.

1. Please note that by submitting your creation, you are allowing Lager to publish your work.
2. As you email the screenshot to oversea@lager.com.tw, please also write down your member account and your IGN as well.
3. The rewards will be given to different accounts even you've sent multiple screen shots for one character to us.
4. You will be able to use any graphic design programs to embellish your screen shot.