10/02/2009 PK Event Timetable
Date 03:00AM~03:30AM(GMT) 03:50AM~04:20AM(GMT) 04:40AM~05:10AM(GMT)
10/08 Blademan (LV40~LV70) Swordsman (LV40~LV70) Axeman (LV40~LV70)
10/09 Martial Artist (LV40~LV70) Beastmaster(LV40~LV70) Trader(LV40~LV70)
10/12 Acolyte of Light (LV40~LV70) Acolyte of Dark (LV40~LV70) Mage (LV40~LV70)
10/13 Blade Master (LV71+) Sword Sage (LV71+) Berserker (LV71+)
10/14 Kungfu Master (LV71+) Beast Lord (LV71+) Merchant Prince (LV71+)
10/15 Archmage (LV71+) Architech of Light (LV71+) Schemer of Darkness (LV71+)

Here's the special pets' twist stats: