09/21/2009 Senior FLers wanted! Team up with a newbie and get FREE 100 game points!
  Hi FLers,

Lager team has teamed up with Cherry Credits and we are actively working on rolling FL game client out in Singapore. During the period of the distribution campaign in September, we expect a bunch of newbies would get into the Fairyland and bring more energy and vitality for your playground. However, these newbies may confront some difficult tasks and get lost easily without your guidance. Thus, we need your help!

All you need to do is keep an eye on the newcomers nearby and express your kindness. Share your FL gaming experience and do your best to help them out in game. Then, they will look upon you as a FL instructor.

Event Period: 9/21~10/30
Please post your submission on the FL Facebook before the expiration or you will not be able to claim the prize!

Claim your reward and how to get it:
STEP 1: As long as you are a facebook member, take a screenshot with your junior fellow apprentice in game.
STEP 2: Send your photo to FL facebook
STEP 3: If you meet the conditions above, we will leave a message with a series Bonus Card Code on the comment space underneath your post. (Your reward would be post out within 3 working days after we confirmed your submission.)
STEP 4: Login to "Redeem you prize" and your will receive 100 game points.

@ You are qualified to get free bonus, if your junior fellow registers a FL account between Sep 17th and Oct 15th.
@ One Facebook account can get one time reward ONLY.
@ Don't forget to write on the wall with your game character's name and your fellow's character's name along with your submission. (We just want to make sure the right person is getting it!)

Not a member of FL fan on the facebook? Join now and gain 100 points allowances for your character.