06/03/2009 Event: A Comic Strip Contest
  Event period: 6/4~ 6/18 (Ends GMT 7:00AM)
Theme: Train in Fairyland
All submission must be send to GaaraEvent@hotmail.com before the end date
Example idea
with the example, it shows that people are suppose to use an "actual" train idea, do something fun with it. You can make it western where they try and jump aboard.... or a camping trip where everyone gets woken up by the "train" that runs by the camp site they're staying at every night lol..

* use only Fairyland related pictures/screenies
* no content that breaks any of the Lagers rules
* use English on your comic strip
* have fun and be creative
* you can work together with other people.
* hide your IGN on the comics

Rewards: (Special prize may also be added later)
* 1st will win - 1 mil in game coins
* 2nd will win - 500k in game coins
* 3rd will win - 250k in game coins
* 4th will win - 100k in game coins

* If any IGN shows up on the comic strip, the entry will be disqualified (feel free to resubmit though).
* By submitting your comic, you are allowing Lager to publish your work on the Main Fairyland Site.

Things must know:
* You can hide the IGNs by pressing F3 a few times
* Feel free to post and give topic/theme ideas for the next comic competition event on the forums

* This contest is solely designed and organised by Gaara.
* Special thanks to all the players that have donated reward prize, items & time for this competition.