11/02/2007 Fairyland [Free-to-Play] English version - a refreshing in-game experience now up-to-date!
  Dear Players,

Thank you for joining Fairyland Online with us, we sincerely hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!
Fairyland (Free-to-Play) English version has started its beta run, and many players are now experiencing a BRAND NEW version of our game with a few adjustments below.

  • "Priest" and "Acolyte of light" in Diviner Consortia have been closed due to the maintenance of class balance, others stay the same.
  • A few Equipment and Accessory related work skills, functions and NPCs have been eliminated for better reform.
  • Food level and its recovery rate have been adapted to more favorable extent.

  • We're here to provide a better and funnier playground to all players, hoping the above adjustments cause you no inconvenience.

    Thank you for supporting Fairyland (Free-to-Play) English version!