12/04/2008 Check this out~ Q-Pets available skills!!
Dear Q-pets fans,

Sorry to keep you waiting. Here comes the Q-Pets available skills and learnable spells lists below.

Q-Pets Available Skills
Special Pet's name Spell Slot Pet skill
KITTY PET 4 Boost, Heal, Combo, Play Dead, Goodwill
Fairy PET 5 Heal, Mischeif, Play Dead, Goodwill, Sacrifice, Desperate Strike
Spirit PET 6 Boost, Heal, Mischeif, Frighten, Transfer Hit Point, Scarifice, Desperate Strike
Lion PET 6 Boost, Heal, Combo, Play Dead, Goodwill, Transfer Hit Point, Cart Pulling

Q-Pets Learnable Spell
Attribution Learnable Spell
Metal Enchant Blade, Shaker
Wood Timber Strike, Silence
Water Dancing Ripple, Ice Blade
Fire Liquefy, Fire Missile
Earth Regeneration, Avalanche
Light Recovery, Holy Word
Darkness Curse, Posion

We are so glad to know that you're interested in getting more info about these special Q-pets. Please don't hesitate to give us your ideas and thoughts every now and then at FL HELP DESK!