07/03/2008 Reinforce-able stats
  Dear all~

The list below is the current reinforce-able stats that can be buffed by using reinforcement gems. To avoid having your stats getting lowered, please do not reinforce your gear if they have rare stats that is not listed here. For example "increase pet intimacy" cannot be reinforced. Please be very careful when you reinforce items, there will be no refund given under any circumstance to anyone that might have accidentally (or intentionally) reinforce any rare stats items after this announcement is released.

Hitpoint recovery rate
Magic point recovery rate
Increase strength
Increase Dexterity
Increase Intelligence
Increase Constitution
Increase Charm
Increase Luck
Increase defense bonus
Increase Armor Class
Increase hit rates
Increase damage
Increase Hitpoints
Increase Magic Points
Metal resistance
Wood resistance
Water resistance
Fire resistance
Earth resistance
Light resistance
Dark resistance
More experience from combat
More coins from combat
Rate of beast capture
Rate of successful flee
Combo skill
Charge skill
Sword damage
Blade damage
Axe damage
Speed skill
Dodge skill
Fist skill
Force skill
Fighting will skill
Beast Lore skill
Animal training skill
Elemental control
Lowers change of enemy encounter
Increase Medicine Effect
Increase food effect
Light magic
Dark magic
Fist weapon damage
Whip weapon damage
Abacus weapon damage
Mace weapon damage